Tom Clancy's The Division


I have had plenty of assault rifles and don’t care for them that much, honestly. Not enough damage per shot and too small clips. The marksman rifle I picked up tonight, on the other hand, is beautiful. Most enemies die in one-to-two headshots or 2-4 body shots. I can probably drop 3 people in a clip, more if I’m really picking my shots. With the M4 I was lucky if I got one.

And I’m on PC. If I had to play this with a gamepad…well, I just wouldn’t. But with mouse and keyboard, connecting with and killing the enemies hasn’t been too big a problem. The problem’s been keeping them from hitting me.


Yeah, the Lightweight M4 has huge recoil but I think you will appreciate it later in the game. Don’t sell it first. It is pretty rare. And this is where I said the Stability mod is important to reduce the recoil.

And it looks like you found a nice weapon for your gameplay. I have a sniper as my secondary weapon. You will need a critical chance hit or a headshot damage modifier. And range… Ah, wish I am not at work currently!

Just a thought… grenade will make them run away from you. And don’t forget that fire turret which will immobilise them temporarily!


Honestly I haven’t had the same experience as you have and I get hit… a lot! Snipers will usually half health me but there’s quite a lot of “tell” as they will telegraph themselves with their scopes - you just need to prioritise them and duck under cover. They will still take their shot anyway and miss. I usually deal with flankers with a turret, and I minimise flanking as well by staying at long range.

My go to weapon is a sniping or battle rifle which allows me more breathing room (as I mentioned, I am terribad at these games). Headshots will quickly put down most tangos.

I can’t imagine anyone being worse at these games than I am at my age so it could be you are in an overlevelled area or not optimising your gear. I’m sure if you give it more time it’ll click for you soon (I know how this sounds very MOO3), but I had great fun solo, hated it multi/dark zone.


This is really helpful, but I need something like this covering all changes since vanilla:

It mentioned changes to the dark zone- looking for further detail I saw this which fixes one of my biggest gripes with the Dark Zone:

To go Rogue, the agent needs to toggle their Rogue status before being able to do any damage to friendly agents. Any member of their group can choose to also go Rogue or to leave the group.

When I last played, the most common cheese in the dark zone was a group of three shielding their rogue mate, i.e. if you try to shoot the rogue agent you would end up shooting his mates and going rogue yourself at which point the non-rogue mates kill you.


Dark Zone is a bit more civilised now… maybe because not many players. I think once 1.8 dropped, the players will come back in droves and it might not be as safe as before :(


I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I’m in the very early game and don’t have access to things like turrets. And snipers definitely have a tell but when there’s six or eight dudes, if I focus on the snipers, I get flanked, and if I try and thin the herd I am liable to get sniped. This is why I think coop would be better - more friendlies equals more targets for the AI and thus less to deal with individually. When there’s just a few dudes it’s pretty easy to clear the place out for the most part.


My experience differs so greatly from yours that I can’t quite understand it. I can certainly empathise with your frustration though, I think I would be annoyed if I get killed every other encounter. Perhaps it’s your style of play? I tend to stay at maximum range, so it gives me plenty of time to pick them off one at a time with careful headshots, switching to a fully automatic weapon if someone gets close. If that doesn’t work, I’m fresh out of ideas! Maybe if you can get up to the turret and other skills things will go better for you. That said, do make sure you level up your gear; this game is pretty gear dependent as you progress.


Free week for this starting today then a $15 price I think. Uplay.


If you search Ubisoft’s YouTube account for Division then you can get a pretty handy list of all their big updates:

Not too many videos to go through either.


Yeah I jumped back in last night, but bounced right off. After being bored by the new resistance mode, I hopped into Survival, but there were less than 5 players in both my runs.

Man I forgot how much I hate the NPC chatter in this game, especially the radio talk show host. While I’m griping, I’d also like to say how annoyed I get every time I try and find this game in my steam library under “D”, only to finally remember that it’s “Tom Clancy’s D”


Actually, it’s “Tom Clancy’s The D”. ;)


Want to share that Ubisoft is going to host a Free Weekend this coming weekend. For those on the fence and have not tried it (@Rock8man ), this is a good chance. And after the free weekend if you decide to buy, you don’t need to redownload the whole game. I think it’s around 30GB.


The free weekend also includes the DLC, so that’s cool.


Weird there are sales everywhere (steam, ubi shop etc) to go with the free weekend except on the playstation store. Would have probably picked it up to continue playing after the weekend, but not at full price.


The map bug about the level of missions is really annoying. It turns out the medical wing unlock mission was actually only level 4 (and I must have attempted but given up on it back then because it seemed very familiar but obviously I didn’t have the medical wing unlocked so I can’t have completed it) so at level 7 it was pretty straightforward. Not that I’m complaining really - I’d rather that than faceplant a dozen times - but it would have been nice to have the medkit capacity upgrades and First Aid ability sooner. Still, got ‘em now. And did the Tech Wing unlock as well. Bought a nice blue LMG that worked wonders on the Cleaners’ tendency to move around out of cover, especially the horrible boss at the end of that mission. Plus it gives health when I kill folks, which is nice.


Good grief, you didn’t have medkits or the first aid gadget? No wonder you weren’t getting anywhere.


Well, I mean, I had the starting 2 medkit capacity. But yeah, without healing it’s a really frustrating game. And it starts you off that way.


Reading a few forums it looks like there’s a resurgence of interest for The Division, especially after this last patch that adds more endgame content.

In fact it looks like a number of Destiny 2 players are moving over to this game. They actually say the difficulty of The Division is a major bonus, as it encourages more complex tactics compared to Destiny 2 where the game is way too easy until the endgame/group content where the difficulty suddenly ramps up. But then you also need to buy the new DLC… That wasn’t so well received.

So, it’s quite funny. The Division got massively panned at release, had a bunch of problems and exploits. Destiny 2 was somewhat lukewarm, but still quite well received overall. Now we are almost two years after TD release, shortly after Destiny 2… and people go back to TD because it’s better.

And me, not caring for TD all this time, I can now play the game in its best shape, and for $15 or less.


If I’m playing Solo only, what dlc is worth it?


The Division was never panned at launch as far as I remember though. It was very well received. And the way Ubisoft has kept at it is really impressive!