Tom Clancy's The Division


Nope, as I said, I have a bazillion hours in TD, and liked most of it. But no game is perfect. I mean, three simple little things would have made the game damn near perfect to me:

  • actually wrapping up the storyline – the ending is way lame. “Whoops, your terrorist is in another castle!”
  • randomizing item placement/distribution in Survival (why oh why couldn’t Ubi do this???)
  • And the constant meta/nerf tail-chasing

Other than those, TD is probably in my top ten games



It’s really difficult for me to understand why games that insist on having both PvE and PvP refuse to have separate balancing between the two. I won’t say it necessarily actively ruins things, but the demands are just so different between the two and much more strenuous for PvP. :/


Turbine managed to do that back in Asherons Call days… weird that everyone since (nearly) have been unable to do so.

Maybe Turbine patented the technology…


They seem to do this in places in The Division, like the 6 piece Striker gear set.


And all legendaries completed now. All of them ended up pretty easy, since everyone else than me clearly had the missions down to a science. Maybe the matchmaking pool is different now that Division 2 is imminent? It might be worth giving this another shot.


I’m sure if I had more patience I could have found a better group - I’ve generally had good luck with matchmaking and Division ransoms, it seems like a generallly strong group. But what with the sequel and all these other games coming out in this very short space of time, I’m just thinking I am ready to close the book on the first game.


Must admit, really really enjoyed the Division as a single player game but once you were forced to multiplayer I lost interest quickly. Most games didn’t feel balanced and the constant players quitting or losing connection meant I never enjoyed any of it. Hope Division 2 implements it better but I doubt it. Probably just play it as a single player game as well.


Yeah I dived back in to work on finishing up the PvE story. Game tells me I am at 63% so I have a ways to go. It’s a ghost town trying to find people to help with main story missions. I want to like this game so much, but I just struggle immensely playing it solo.

Coming back to this after the Division 2 beta, the setting of NYC over the winter holidays is just so much better that what I’ve seen of the Division 2.

Oh and hey an Ubisoft office Safehouse!

So a friend told me to just go experience the visuals of the DZ while I am playing now, else I probably never will bother, so decided to put on my big boy pants and do that.

Overall it has some of the most dark/bleak/depressing sights in the entire game, and if anything it makes me a bit mad to see how its lost/wasted on the PvP portion on the game. How many people made it up to the DZ09 area and just looked around?

I spend an hour today sneaking my way around DZ01 thru DZ09 and once you get far up north it you can really see that the shit hit the fan. It’s pretty easy to avoid combat up that direction as squads of enemies are less frequent. But any one of them can 1 shot kill you it seems.

Up till DZ08 body bags were mostly laying out in certain areas and trash/contamination bags were piled high as seen above. After DZ08 shit got real, and you could see the degree of life lost.

I wish the game had a exploration mode with almost zero combat and just tons of stories to discover. And like 100x more echo’s.


Now that you mention it, a tourist mode like AC Origins got might have been cool here.


Trying the Division 2 demo I kept wanting for more Winter New York instead.

Good idea to check out DZ08-09, not sure I been that far ‘north’ before.

Is the shield stuff stopped now, or can you still unlock rewards?


I played at release, single player only, some DZ. I am starting to get an itch to go back. Is there a guide anyone knows of that would let me know what changes to look for from the last two years? Think I picked up the survival x-pack in a Humble deal.


Division has a nice feature when you login after a patch in that the patch notes are in the game (Amazing, really… Probably patented the technology since nobody else does it – although DE come close…), so if you login you can go through the ‘major changes’ list to see what is new.


I just redownloaded the game last night, thinking I might try to knock out some shields before release. Does anyone have a guide to knocking out the easier ones?

I was pretty well geared when I left – full classified striker’s, with some excellent weapons as well. I’m not one of those noscope headshot-spamming FPS gurus, though :)


Been Rocking D3 since I got it. Getting those last shields is gonna be a chore though, think one requires Itemlevel 290 or whatever the highest is, and another to unlock all the rare drops.

I think you can do the first two shield ‘levels’ easy though, not sure there is a list but the ingame one shows you pretty much which one can be done “in a day” and which one will take ‘‘forever’’.


Getting gear score of 290 is easy, just expensive. You can take your gear to an upgrade booth in the bottom of your base and upgrade any items you have until you get total score of 290.


Hmm… now that you mention it, I do have a lot of cash/resources from never having spent any.

Think I need 3 shields for the next tier though, Guess I’ll have to take a look.


are you gonna play division 2? i am preordering for the 12th i guess…


I finally tried the survival dlc and had a lot of fun with it. But loot is exceedingly scarce. Anyone have any tips on how to progress more effectively than just running around randomly?


Loot is random, but loot pickup spots are fixed. I’ll tell you what I did to get started, was watching a few streamers and YouTube vids, just to get a feel for rhythm of the game. It can be tough getting a feel for when you should be heading to the dark zone, when you should call a helicopter, etc.


Depending on where you start - try and get to the downed helicopter ASAP if you can. The residential areas are good for clothing; if your drop zone is in Gramercy/SE there’s a lot of housing to loot for warm clothes.

Following off of that, the loot is intelligently placed. Pharmacies and clinics are going to have medicine (as an aside, crafting the extra medkit upgrade is a priority because it also gives you a free medkit), auto garages tools, etc. When you’re running around outside of Survival try and make a note of some general shop locations so you know where to head.

Always be working your way towards the dark zone. The outer edges of the map have scarce, low level loot, which gets better the closer you get to the center. Once you’re in the dark zone, even higher level loot can be found. For your first escape try and get kitted out in purples with a yellow weapon if at all possible - it’s fine if you can’t but that’s a nice goal to clear the escape area.

At this point there probably won’t be many people playing Survival. The last time I played counterintuitively the PVP version was easier because there were less people queued in, which meant I never ran into another player and there was more loot for me to scavenge (and as a bonus, you get more points towards the weekly objective). Might be worth giving that a shot to get a feel for the mode. The biggest thing that will help you out is experience, knowing when to press into the DZ and call for an escape. Map familiarity is a close second.