Tom Cruise tells fans to just say video interpolation

Really annoying that TVs ship with this turned on. It’s the very first setting I change when I get a new TV.

Tom Cruise is so charming he might actually get people to do this.

But why does he keep opening his mouth when it’s not his turn to speak? I’m really disturbed here.

I hate frame interpolation with a passion. I remember seeing it for a first time when, a while ago, I was at a friend’s place and loaded up the Youtube app on his ‘smart tv’ to show a movie trailer and just went “What the hell is going on?”.

And it’s really a pain in the ass to find the option to turn it off depending on the manufacturer.

Tom…saving us all again.

Yeah, this is a far far better thing that Tom Cruise does than anything in a Mission Impossible movie!


Tis a far far nobler thing etc etc etc

I was sure MI: were all documentary though.

My son told me about this last night and I was so happy. Such a dumb fucking setting and I see it everytime I am at someone’s home. I turn it off for them and everyone has been really happy ehen I do because they just thought that was how new TVs looked. So dumb.

It was before frame interpolation I think, but I remember watching Lost at a friend’s house on a CRT. It was season 1 so around 2004 but I recall telling him I didn’t like the motion and I eventually realised it was a higher Hz TV or something similar to do with the refresh rate, which gave a similar soap opera effect. I’m not sure, but does that sound about right? Either way, it was pretty jarring even back then.

Of course, ‘soap opera effect’ hadn’t been coined so it was difficult to explain it at the time. I always told people it was the difference between ER and Casualty. I was happy when it became somewhat common parlance!

Interestingly, at uni I made most of my animations/videos 24fps because it gave them a certain quality, made the file sizes much smaller and gave me fewer frames to animate.

It didn’t occur to me that if your TV is 120hz, then you can play 24hz movies without errors/glitches since 120/24=5 (an integer). Something to look forward to!

I wish 1080/600 was also equal to an integer. Because then I could play old games without aliasing/blurring or black bars on all four sides.

I had no idea there were so many anti-soap-effect people here. There are dozens of us! Dozens!

My mom and sister swear they can’t tell the difference. It’s maddening.

My sister can’t see the difference between HD and SD. Or says she doesn’t care. I think she just trolling at this point.

I can tell the difference, and it’s maddening, but I worked as an editor and colorist for a while, and I did a bunch of PAL <-> NTSC conversions, which I had to do speeding up/down between 24 and 25fps and tuning the audio track, because otherwise the stuttering was maddening -to me-.

Anyway, I’m also pleasantly surprised so many people can tell the difference and hate it. Lately I found out my sister (who has never been a very picky movie watcher) can also tell and heavily dislikes it.



“Please turn off motion interpolation.”


Everyone I know notices and hates it. The thing that NO ONE seems to care about is over saturated blacks and flash lighting. My parent’s tv turns every dark scene (to loop back to Tom cruise) into the sex scene from top gun* and NO ONE seems to notice or care.

*not the literal exact scene, just the lighting.

Man, you guys remember the XENU thing with the ex-bf of Hubbard’s daughter publishing lost chapters that called Jesus a pedophile anti Christ right? And then the copyright stuff?

Googling doesn’t help, I think between 20 years and lawsuits it’s been scrubbed.

can anyone point me to a good youtube comparison video … I seem to be incompetent, cannot find it.

I don’t think this can be seen off camera or on a monitor. You have to see it in person.

If you have a desktop browser capable of playing 60FPS video, just go to YouTube and search for, for example, “Matrix 60fps”.

It looks amazing and terrible.

Did… did you just claim that video can’t be seen on a monitor?

@Zylon thanks, I think I get it now. It looks kind of like filmed with a digicam … yeah, that’s stupid.