Tom Hanks to save Trek

Thats the rumor:

Its well known that he is a big Trek Geek so its not like this is completely out there.

You know a franchise is in bad shape when only a top-tier actor can save it…

How about Toms Hanks versus Predator, instead?

Ok, while we’re speculating:

Tom Hanks producing (maybe also starring) with Joss Whedon writing.

That’d be my pitch.

Well, Bakula was brought to headline and basically anchor Enterprise, so at first glance this isn’t the biggest or best news.

It would be interesting to see, however.

— Alan

I just wonder where anyone can go anymore with the Star Trek universise? Where is there left to explore? I see a new Trek series having to take a completely new tack to a Sci-Fi show to be even somewhat interesting to the mild-non-trekkie geeks out there. We’ve boldly gone twice now, we’ve boldly gone and done a Babylon 5 station by a wormhole (with a war!), we’ve boldy gone in a completely different sector, and we’ve boldly gone in the past (and from what I understand completly messed up the continuity of the “future”). Star Trek is usually about boldly going, so with no place left to go, they need something new.

I love me some Quantam Leap, but Tom Hanks is about 8000 times the star that Bakula ever was. Maybe I just misunderstand you.

Anyway, I doubt he’d be starring in it - more likely he’d be doing the same gig he did on Band of Brothers - Executive Producer and possibly director. I seriously doubt Tom Hanks would go back to episodic television to act.

The ST universe is huge, I am sure good writers could find stuff.

I thought the whole birth of the Federation era with Enterprise could have been great but they totally screwed it up with time travel, Klingons, and Borg. Basically they couldn’t let go of what had happened in the other series.

If good writers can get around simply rehashing stuff from the other series there is a huge universe to look at.

If he’s as big a Trek fan as it’s speculated, then you might see him, say, in the pilot, which surely wouldn’t hurt ratings.

If it’s the script is by the Band of Brothers guy, maybe they’d go for an “Elite Force” squad-based series instead of the going the starship route.

I always thought it could be possibly interesting about the Star Fleet operation of a sector or area of space - maybe somewhat contested - from the command deck, dealing with the military aspects, special forces, exploration, etc. Part of the show would be about diplomacy, part about commanding far-flung officers and ships in a rapidly expanding quadrant. The viewer would get to see in a broad way how in this area the Federation expands, etc. through various story arcs and other graphical goodies.

Eh I guess it’s a bit too much like DS9, I just think something from a more command-like position could work - if it didn’t involve superentities, wormholes or crap like that.

— Alan

Yeah I wouldnt mind like a Star Trek : Special Tactical Operations series or something similar.

I’m bored shitless of Starfleet. I want to see someone else take the spotlight for a change.

I would think an interesting way to go would be a show from the perspective of one of the other significant races in the Star Trek universe, like Klingons or Romulans, or even Vulcans. Pick a time period and just have the show be centered on them, with occasional brushes up against familiar characters from the previous series.

A Federation but non-Starfleet series in the same universe could also be fun – follow some group of explorers / adventurers / whatever around the universe, in their own little ship. You could use the same races, locations, etc., throw in occasional references to known characters, whatever. Running into a capital ship (from either side) would be like an enormous event, maybe (imagine watching the series for weeks or months, and getting used to the scale of the 6-man ship the protagonists use, and then suddenly one episode they run into the Enterprise, and it’s like 200 times the size).

So…Firefly, but Star Trek? NO THANKS

I’m a big fan of jerking off but I wouldn’t want to star in a film about it.

I think the only thing that could begin to save Star Trek as a film franchise would be to create a series specifically made for film, not made for TV. Watching genuine TV actors try to fill the big screen has been painful (except for Patrick Stewart).

But Patrick Stewart was a veteran theatre actor and a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company when he came to ST:TNG, so he’s hardly your typical TV actor.

He’s also a very talented writer

“But it’s too late, I’ve seen everything”