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Wall of random letters strikes you for 10 damage. :)

Now I want to watch Mars Attacks! again.

That link looks totally safe. :)

I’ve been hearing his cover of “Reality Killed Radio Blues” or whatever the title is, on the radio lately. He’s 80 and still recording.

I think this is a good start for a Tom Jones thread.

Anyways, here is a relevant video:

Lack of a Tom Jones thread? It’s not unusual.

Apparently not for us Canadians.

What’s next? An Engelbert Humperdinck thread?

Sorry, man. I don’t think YouTube even says when a video isn’t available in other regions?

Anyways, Google “John Mulaney what’s new pussycat”.

Tom Jones was a bad motherfucker no matter what 80s hipsters said about him.

Turns out this is the reason this thread exists:

He saved us from killing each other (it might only be Brits who get this reference)

edit: this is what I was referring to

Don’t make new threads under the influence, kids.