Tom Ricks bodyslams O'Reilly

Washington Post Correspondent and author of “Fiasco”. Live chat today with useful observations if nothing earthshattering. But this comment was unexpected and had me laughing. He’s a serious dude, grim harbinger of sad tidings, and it caught me off guard.

Kansas City, Mo.: I heard Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher arguing recently on whether more Iraqis were being killed daily under Saddam than are under this war. O’Reilly cited some sort of study. Do you know the facts on this? Thanks,

Thomas E. Ricks:

Bill O’Reilly used facts? I’m sorry I missed that moment.

I can’t get to the page, I keep getting dumped out on the main discussions page.

That’s odd. It loads just fine for me. Anyone else having problems?

Worked for me.

Ricks was pretty great on a podcast I heard him on recently as well. Asked if he though his book Fiasco may have influenced Bush’s choice of Petreius, he responded: “Well, Odierno is the number two in Iraq right now and in the book he comes across worse than anyone except Bremer. So I don’t think Bush read it. Pause Is there a Cliff Notes version out?”

I dont know who Tom Ricks is but I bet O’Reilly could kick his ass.

Only if O’Reilly can declare himself the winner once it starts getting tough. He’s the biggest pussy I’ve ever seen on TV, frankly. It’s like Idi Amin’s self-image met George Bush’s competence in the body of an Irish novel’s town drunk.


Wow that was an incredible slam. Did he think of it all by hisself?

Bob is right. Making fun of Bush is inappropriate due to easiness.

Making fun of Bob Cherub takes no effort at all, fucking lazy hippie.