Tom Verlaine has died

Television founder, guitarist and vocalist Tom Verlaine died today, according to the New York Times and other outlets.

What was amazing about Television is that they maybe had two of the best guitarists in rock and roll history in the same band, and both guys played leads, and yet they had completely different contrasting (but somehow complementary) styles.

One of my personal faves:

Oh man :( Marquee Moon is an all-time top twenty album for me.

Great album and great band - really sorry to hear this. I came to Tom Verlaine and Television from a kinda funny back door - I knew a girl in college who loved Matthew Sweet’s music and really got me into them. I loved the guitars on the Girlfriend album and wants to know more. I found out that two of the guitarists on the album (there were a bunch), Richard Lloyd and Robert Quine, had been involved in bands with Richard Hell, which led to listening to Richard Hell and the Voidoids and of course, Television. All of it just great music.

Ah, jeez. Sad to hear. I liked it better when he was still alive.

Pouring one out and spinning some jams! I really should have Marquee Moon on vinyl but this self-titled LP from 1992 will have to suffice. (I honestly can’t recall how it got in my record collection.)

Bummer, been a fan of television forever

Former Go-Betweens frontman penned this for the Guardian earlier this month:

Marquee Moon was a revelation to me. I came to it in the early 80s, a few years after its release, a teenager in the NYC suburbs.

Growing up listening to AOR radio and my parents’ Beatles records, three albums forever changed what music could be for me. Marquee Moon was one. The others were London Calling and Sound Affects.

If you had given me three wishes back then, the first would definitely have involved Brooke Shields, but the second would have been to play guitar like Tom Verlaine.

It sucks when your heroes go.

Pouring one out for Mr. Verlaine. This death hit me harder than I expected. I mean, just listen to this shit - it’s like it’s from a different dimension.

Marquee Moon is an all-time great. I’m pretty bad when it comes to getting burnt out by bands. Typically they become a brief obsession that lasts for a few weeks before I kinda move on to the next thing. Since I first heard them at 19, I never got tired of Television. They’ve always remained a favorite. RIP to the brilliant Mr. Verlaine.