Tom vs Kelly: Starcraft II, game two

Title Tom vs Kelly: Starcraft II, game two
Author Tom Chick and Kelly Wand
Posted in Features
When January 13, 2011

The game is Starcraft II played in a series of 1v1 matches, with the winner being the first to four victories. The map is Metalopolis, which features four starting positions behind narrow ramps, and two gold mineral expansions in the center..

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I always found researching the same basic technologies for every skirmish a bit goofy in terms of the in-game fiction. For terrans or protoss, you can justify the long waits as the time it takes for the commander to obtain permission to use a particular weapon, drop the blueprints and necessary parts from orbit, etc. But for zerg, all that evolution should be permanently encoded into their DNA. What's the point in evolution if it isn't inherited by the next generation?

Clearly Marcel hasn't spent much time in Alaska.

Tom, would you and KellyWand consider making your replays available for download? I think it would be neat to watch in tandem with reading your thoughts about the flow of the game. Thanks!

And there I was thinking that Kelly didn't play many games.

Some unasked for lessons on zerg for Kelly: never make hydras against terran, and only make roaches if you see thors. If that ball of roaches in the screenshot here was an equal value of zerglings and banelings you would have been looking at a pile of ash shortly thereafter.

Also prevailing wisdom among starcraft fanatics is that zerg shouldn't really be attacking anyway just expanding and reacting.

Why do I feel compelled to make this post? Force of habit, spend way too much time on this game.

Your advice sounds sound. But keep in mind that positional retardation notwithstanding, I'm playing against someone who thinks it's hilarious to invade someone he's almost known for years with 2 battlecruisers.