Tomb Raider Reboot

Following the successful reboot of the James Bond and Batman franchise, it looks like Warner Brothers will reboot the Tomb Raider franchise as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, now that the movie rights to Tomb Raider has reverted back to Eidos from Paramount, Time Warner plans to reboot the franchise as part of the 20% stake in Eidos (buying an additional 10 million shares in Eidos last December, bringing its total stake in the troubled publisher up to 52.5 million).

The new project, however, is expected to revamp the character and her mission and bear little resemblance to the original pictures. It will reimagine the origins of the character, her love interest and the main villain.

As an open-writing assignment, the project is still in its nascent stages. An actress who could play the role Angelina Jolie made famous would likely come on after a writer and director are attached.

Yes, because the first two movies are so dated now in their approach. I mean, it’s been five years! A mega-franchise like the Tomb Raider movies was way overdue for a reimagining! People are demanding it!


If there’s anything the world needs less than a new Tomb Raider game, it’s a new Tomb Raider movie…

I thought the Tomb Raider movies were enjoyable. I like watching people explore old temples/ruins so it works for me. Maybe it’s my level designer bias…

I like seeing Angelina Jolie in tight clothing… was there temples?

So, Angel of Darkness: The Movie?

I think “dated” and thinking about it in terms of time or the movies aging poorly is incorrect. This is more a reimagining like they did with the Hulk movies (also a 5 year gap), where it’s more a perception that the property needed a different approach or tone, that fundamental mistakes in structure or narrative or casting were made from the beginning.

Rhona Mitra would be great as Lara Croft!

Reboot… check. Darker… check. Emo male protagonist… check!

It’s perfect. I can’t see any downside whatsoever to basing an adaptation on it!

They should reboot the movies to feature Nathan Drake.


Saw her in person as the first ever real life Lara at E3 in 1997. She was great.

I’ll bet she’s even better 11 years later.

Talk about coming full circle. What’s interesting is she could really be a contender based on her acting chops and overall awesomeness.

Loved her in the Practice. And unlike Jolie, her accent is believable.

I liked the first Tomb Raider flick for popcorn fun and Jolie, and it was nice to see a movie doing some honest to goodness stuntwork at the time. Hopefully this works out decently.

There are rumours already that, despite there hasn’t been any writers or a director attached to the third movie, Megan Fox is the frontrunner to replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.

As much as I think Megan Fox is hot I don’t know how good of an actress she is to pull off an upper-class English accent.

The most Lara Croft-ish of the real-life Lara’s IMO. However, she and Eidos apparently don’t get along so I wouldn’t bet on her for the part.


krise madsen

That’s what I called `em…

So, the Tomb Raider reboot reboot is happening, and Alicia Vikander is playing the “new” (read: young) Lara Croft.

And she looks as if she was lifted directly from the Tomb Raider reboot games. Pretty amazing:

Looking forward to seeing Lara impaled 50 times trying to float down a river.

Oh gods. I had almost forgotten that. Thanks.