Tomb Raider Reboot

I can still hear the crunching sound in my head if I imagine it.

Ugh. Yeah, sure, she looks Lara Croftish enough, but she’s still only Alicia Vikander. And we could have had Daisy Ridley!


The director of this is someone named Roar Uthaug. I’m always intrigued by orc-directed movies.

Roar did a series of Norwegian slasher movies and then a movie about a tidal wave in a fjord. The tidal wave movie was awful.


Photo looks great. Sounds crazy but this might be a decent film.

Official poster and teaser for the teaser:

My first question was, “who is that playing Lara Croft?” And the poster tells me the answer.

I didn’t realize that Daniel Wu was cast to play a ship captain named Lu Ren who buddies up with Croft at some point.

What’s with the sauropod neck?

I loved Vikander in Royal Affair and Ex Machina, but as Lara…she is just so tiny :)

I really hated the writing of Rise of Tomb Raider, so not a fan of seeing it incorporated into so much of this, hopefully the script will be better, but the trailer doesn’t make me super excited.

Looks like they are using the reboot as the general theme. I guess mildly interested, so far.

If you want to cure your interest, check out Roar Uthag’s tsunami movie!


Tiny? Maybe (what about that NECK?), but Alicia Vikander is perfectly casted as the “new” Lara Croft, almost like CD modeled the new Lara after her. That’s like 50% of the work done.

But if she goes on a murder spree like that Tomb Raider reboot, then it probably will be a rental for me.

Lara is around 5 ft 6/7 inches, Vikander is between 5 ft 5/6 inches. Not so tiny compared to the “real one”.

The plot is similar, that doesn’t mean the writing is the same.

I loved the first two reboot games and I thought the trailer was pretty good. There were some scenes straight out of the first game, which was pretty cool. I’ll wait for reviews but the trailer was a positive point for me.

I wonder if the movie’s gonna have some version of this scene:

I can’t see her anymore without yelling out THE BABY!

Wand is going to go hoarse doing this opsis.