Tommy Chick - you scared!

You can keep ducking me in Top Spin 2, but you’ll have to face me eventually. Your scared Chick, you’re scared!

<que Mr. T sound clip>

(Emphasis mine)

This is priceless! Tell me this was intentional…

Hehe, Tom and I have been trying to hook up and play a couple of tennis games the past couple of days, but I always seem to catch him just as he’s logging off. So I had to poke a little fun. No doubt, I’ll lose 6-0, 6-0.


Uh, I meant using both the correct “you’re” and the incorrect “your” in the exact same sentence.

Edit: typo made “correct” into “corrent”, which given the topic, is kind of funny.

It’s “current”, not “corrent”. sheesh!

I say we all start trash talking each other’s spelling!


We are all a bunch of nerds.

Wait, so Tom has a chick that’s scared, and he’s scared, too?

Grammar/spelling nitpicking is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

I thought the last refuge of the scoundrel was writing a children’s book.