Tomorrow is Fitzmas Eve; Thursday is Fitzmas (CBS Report)

CBS News reporting that warning letters were delivered today to those who will be indicted in the Plame/CIA Leak case. CBS reporting that the names of those to be indicted will be made public Wednesday, with official unsealing and news conference on Thursday.

One source (not CBS) saying 2-5 indictments.

Another source: Fitzgerald seen leaving the law offices of Robert Luskin, attorney representing Karl Rove in the case, today.

Merry Fitzmas Eve everyone!


Woohoo and to top it all off Civ4 will be here tomorrow!

So did Bush have Harriet Miers step down to distract from the coming indictments?

Who the hell can say, honestly. It’s like watching a self-conscious leper falling apart. There goes his nose, whoops, there’s an ear. Did he knock the ear off on purpose so we wouldn’t notice the slits where his nostrils used to be?

Froomkin seems to have his own analysis that’s opposite conventional wisdom here.

Strategic retreat of course has two parts. One is retreat. The other is strategy.

For the moment, the Miers withdrawal has certainly taken Washington wonkery’s attention away from the looming indictments in the CIA leak case, which are now widely expected to come down tomorrow.

But think it through, and it seems obvious that the Miers withdrawal was timed not to distract from the indictments, but rather to be quickly overshadowed by them.

As Candy Crowley suggested on CNN, if there are indeed indictments tomorrow, the Miers withdrawal will be quickly forgotten. That wipes the slate clean, more or less, and gives President Bush an opportunity to pivot away from the leak scandal with a new Supreme Court nomination sometime in the next week or two.

CNN’s Jeff Greenfield also noted that the Miers withdrawal headlines in tomorrow’s papers will be a nice gift to Bush’s conservative base – on the very day indictments presumably come down and Bush really needs his most ardent supporters firmly in his court.

Why do people always assume the press can’t handle two news worthy events at the same time? This scandal and the supreme court seat are both big issues, and aren’t going to be so easily politiked away.

How about a simpler explanation – that the Miers nomination wasn’t going anywhere, and was a stalking horse from the beginning?

Because they usually can’t manage to handle even one?

It’s not that the media can’t handle more than one; it’s the assumption that the public can’t. There are a million news stories out there, but the public fixates on a few. The public fixation then drives what stories get front-page coverage, causing others that might have been front-page to get pushed back.

Honestly, I think the internet drives this even more now…an editor can see how many hits article A got vs. article B.

Why, yes he did! Also, I’m sure the Terror Alert will be raised to Doomsday any second!

Because they usually can’t manage to handle even one?[/quote]

I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the young lady in Aruba…

What’s the advisory for a “Doomsday”-level warning? Stock up on duct tape and crosses and pray as hard as you can? And what conditions can we expect? Invasion by Laharl and his suicide penguins? The moon becoming a portal to Cthulu like in that Hellboy movie? Lower gas prices?

I mistyped above. The utmost terror level is Armageddon. Don’t worry! All good Christians will be saved! All others fucked. Dryly.

It’s Scooter. Probably.

This is one of those times I think I can just wait and see what actually happens. Likely that’s the scenario though. Libby and maybe a few other folks in his office are nailed for obstruction and perjury. However the charges are critical. If he’s really going for a conspiracy to distribute classified information charge then things get funfun. Those trials should be televised so we can see who rats out Libby and testifies about motive.

We’ve got reports just this week that Fitzgerald was recanvassing the neighborhood to make it airtight that Plame’s neighbors didn’t know she was in the CIA. And, more intriguingly there are the stories he’s secured the Italian government’s report on the Yellowcake document forgeries. He also, remember, went absolutely nuts on poor Judith Miller who not only rolled on Libby as her source for Plame’s name but is also the central figure in how the shoddy goods of the OSP/Chalabi/Cheney cabal were peddled to the public.

Even if there are only minor charges on a few key players, a prosecutor setting the stage for motive and opportunity will probably force some very revealing testimony about all these things.

Rumors are flying that Rove cut a deal, and is now spinning rumors that he “got off”.