Tom's coming back

I just hope nobody has to get hurt.

hahahaha i love you guys


I honestly didn’t know bouncing booby gifs were ok. I feel like I’ve wasted an opportunity.

Not bouncing, OR a GIF. Disappointed.

It doesn’t bounce for you? Maybe you’re not looking hard enough.

He looks hard to me HAW HAW HAWcough

The “don’t drag old shit and hate from thread to thread rule” needs urgent re-implementation.

I’ll be in my bunk.

This is the thread where we talk about the forum as a whole, so not talking about other threads would make no sense. And Tom has always used a body of work-rule - it’s mostly the one cited, when a banning didn’t make sense to a lot of people. Unfortunately it wasn’t usually used on the right people.

People claiming that Brett is being attacked for no reason or just for having a differing opinion, don’t read the forum enough. Which is what was wrong with Toms moderation in P&R - he’d swoop in, look at a couple of posts out of context, tell people to stop being mean to Brett or whoever and then leave again.

This is bizarre. On one hand we have a vapid troll (who even when not actively trolling can’t make an intelligent or funny post for his life), on the other we have plenty of otherwise productive poster who admittedly overreact at his childish provocations.
Now, I’m not saying there need to be bans, but if you deem those necessary it seems obvious who should have to go. If nothing else, because it’s the only possible solution. Hoping that people will start to ignore the troll is like hoping that human nature will change. Not going to happen, even if you ban the more vocal offenders others will take their place, 'cause stupid as it is that’s how people on forums act.
For the records, personally I have no problem with Brett. I can ignore him most of the times, and deal with the irritation the others. Just saying that if you feel there is a problem, the solution is super obvious.

The best part about the bouncing boobies gif is that nooteh JUST hit 50 posts with it, which allows him/her to post a link.

How, exactly does Kalle coming in here and carrying his vendetta out here contribute in any way to this thread? Regardless of whether or not we can agree that Brett “deserves” such treatment, the effect I see is that Kalle snipes from the sideline, Brett responds, a few other posts pop up to discuss how this is stupid and/or just like Brett always does, and at the end we have 5-10 more vapid posts because someone on one side or the other felt it was utterly necessary to score points.

For those of us here who don’t give a fuck how much Brett pisses off people in P&R, it’s just tedious. Moreso because there are times when Brett does talk about completely non P&R things, and he’s still getting jumped by idiots who carry the P&R grudge to other boards.

Here’s a news flash: If everyone who felt he was just a troll simply put him on ignore, he wouldn’t derail threads to nearly the extent that he currently does. The pile-on/defense cycle the need to “correct his errant thinking” causes is generally what causes the derail, and that’s literally impossible for him to perpetuate alone.

If this was a thread about some game or a new movie, I would agree with you. But this has become a thread about the board and its posters - and Bretts post was merely agreeing with Stussers nonsense and a part of the larger “they’re all piling on”/“It’s the QT3 groupthink”-picture he likes to paint.

Also, even if we assume that there is a “groupthink” problem and that it’s just terribly awful that people carry grudges from one subforum to another, can we please stop thinking that any solution starting with “well, if everyone would just…” is at all tractable?

It’s like thinking we could all stop locking our doors if everyone would just stop stealing shit. Instead of having police, what if we all stopped killing people. Whooooaa. And maaan, have you ever really looked at your hand? You know, really looked at it?

I mean, great, tell me more about how awesome forums are in magic happy land where everyone’s a rational level-headed unemotional superbeing, but here on Planet Earth we have to deal with irrational emotional cranky people who sometimes have bad days and sometimes don’t particularly want to be nice to the guy who just spent all day trolling them in another thread.

People do not, in general, work the way these “can’t everyone just not do that?” solutions expect them to. They never have, and they never will. I agree that it’d be awesome if they did, but get back to me after you’ve fundamentally changed human nature, okay?

Can we move on from the utopian fapping now?

I don’t know why this is so hard for you jackballs to understand.

He isn’t going to be banned and he isn’t going to suddenly start making valuable contibutions anymore than he is going to start hitting the gym.

I don’t ever respond to him myself, and it is counterproductive (but understandable) to want to score points off of him, but for the record Brett’s perfectly P&R-free post wasn’t his first post in this thread. As I recall it, Brett brought up P&R here before anyone else. And taken in context with his other comments here, the “P&R-free” post in question becomes hardly P&R-free at all, and people had already jumped into it with him before Kalle said anything. Context is important, and either you have already forgotten parts of the discussion in here or you’re being slightly disingenuous to make a point.

If Tom doesn’t want to deputize members to help out with moderation, then perhaps this is an area where people could pitch in and help? I sympathize with his reasons for abandoning the vetting procedure, but I also agree with stusser that this was the point where the signal to noise ratio on the forum started skewing a lot more towards noise. I think the vetting process helps lessen the need for moderation, and would be really happy to see it start up again. That said, I understand that actually doing the vetting is probably a joyless chore. So if Tom needs help in a context that doesn’t involve giving out ban-hammers to members, maybe this is an area in which members could contribute.