Tom's coming back

Didn’t see any of those rants, but it seems fairly quiet in comparison to Qt3. On the plus side, it doesn’t have nearly as many Skyrim threads.

It’s like a weird purgatory version of QT3…

You bastard.

Wait, what? Now I’m confused.

There’s always on channel #qt3.

For anyone joining in, Mibbit doesn’t seem to work as a client (because Enter the Game sucks like that). I recommend X-Chat2 for us Windows/Linux peasants and glorious Colloquy for you lucky Mac bastards.

welcome back, Child :p

you had no idea how right you were. :)

Okay, 2+ hours ago I fell into a Qt3-hole by clicking on something in an Ascension thread about Hans being banned.

That was an entirely surreal time, not aided any by watching the train wreck (from a quality of play POV) that is the Michigan / Virginia Tech game. I kind of want those 2+ hours back, but at the same time I don’t.

I need to learn to not stray out of the Ascension threads.