Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Ventura, McAuliffe etc

Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe; musician Liz Phair; journalist Betsy Hart; journalist Paul Krugman; former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

Should be good. Fair and Balanced, anyway. :)

I hope they fucking eviscerate McAuliffe for the way he’s demolished the democratic party. Turned the “party of opposition” into the “me-too” party, and expected to steal core voters from the conservatives? Fucking psychotic.

I can’t wait. I’ll have to tape it. And make three copies.

Should be good. Fair and Balanced, anyway. :)

Watch it. You’re like one use away from the courtroom, and two from the gallows.

Liz Phair looks hilariously out of place.

Compared to an ex-Wrestler?

It’s ok, I’ve got a new book coming out. :wink:

Is Real Time like Politically Incorrect?

This is the one show a week I hate to miss… Sometimes the guest list is blah, but every once in awhile he gets the right mix…

Last week’s with Wesley Clark (gonna declare on Wednesday, you heard it here first!) and then DL Hugley on the same panel with Bill Kristol was hilarious. I can’t count the number of times Kristol would talk about how well the War on Terror was going, only to have the surprisingly adept and agile Hugley start off his rebuttal with “You’re on drugs.” Awesome stuff.

A sure win ticket would be Gore and Clark.

A sure win ticket would be Gore and Clark.

except for the conspiracy to throw out democratic ballots, prevent 50,000 black voters from getting to the polls, and making the ballots to confusing for idiotic democrats to vote for the correct candidate.

Too bad those things are true. Unless you are you, of course.

Man, this is a great example of why Conservatives love going on Bill Maher. Ben Crenshaw is just running over him, Trump did all the right stuff, and Nancy Pelosi is who is to blame for delays.

And he’s got people who will bump 17 year old threads to help amplify his nonsense so that he gets what he really wants: attention.

Yeah, I can’t handle him anymore. He gets rolled over by anyone with a bit knowledge. That’s why most of the interesting people they get don’t do the panel, they get an easy one-on-one with Maher.

Heh, when I did the search there was a bunch of threads with the show’s title, but they were all old, so I just picked one at random with the least text outside the show’s name.

I’m new to the Bill Maher sucks train. I’ve always found his show very interesting, I guess the panel guests always kept me from seeing what should have been in front of my eyes the whole time.

Maher fetishizes aggression as a way to prove the righteousness of one’s cause. Whether that’s terrorists taking down twin towers, ISIL, White Supremacists in the US…whatever. Those who are willing to go to violent extremes and shout the loudest, stupidest things to prove that their cause has merit get Maher all excited.

The golfer? Why would you even have him on your show? Who gives a shit what any athlete (assuming you believe golfers are athletes say?

Heh. Apparently it’s Dan, not Ben.

It’s been a while since Bill Maher had a leftist on his show, it feels like. It was nice to have Krystal Ball on there this week, even though she was basically outnumbered by Maher and his other guest 90% of the time, trying to shout her down before she finished her points.