Tony Wilson RIP

Shit, I didn’t even know he had cancer.

I was wondering because the name rang a bell:

The music mogul founded the famous Hacienda and was one of five co-founders of Factory Records, which produced bands such as New Order and the Happy Mondays during a period in the eighties dubbed `Madchester’.

Cool. I remembered a bit more and then, I read this:

And Steve Coogan played Tony in the film 24 Hour Party People, a semi-fictional account of Tony and Factory Records.

Sounds like he was still involved in the music business up to the end. That’s pretty cool.

I was really sad to hear about this. Didn’t know about Wilson until I stumbled into 24HPP by way of being a Happy Mondays fan, only to hear Joy Division for the first time and have my mind blown.

What a thrilling life it must have been to be at the epicentre of all that, and how fortunate for the rest of us that cats like Wilson were around to help get it out there.