Too awesome not to share

The view from my lobby:

Brightens up my day.

Man, you must really love Sbarro’s.

All the fucking money you’re making and you can’t afford a decent camera?

Will have to stop by soon. Have been going on a “best of Yelp” binge recently.

It’s quite ugly on full res, isn’t it? Looks great on the iPhone screen though.

Nice kitchen tile, but it ain’t the Ritz.

Jose Liz drinks so much Kristal that he can’t stand upright to take a picture of Sbarro.


This is too awesome to share.

Is Jose Liz viral marketing for Sbarro, or is he being paid by Sbarro?

I don’t get it.

This is awesome because José is proud to work in a hotel or because Sbarro is something special?

I’m sure it is super awesome, what’s sbarro?

Is there a dead person in that photo that only Jose can see? Elvis maybe?

Sbarro’s is a place where you can get crappy pizza at decent prices.

That lobby needs a stripper pole.

No, he’s being paid by Papa John’s.

That, and a small bevy of stripers, and beef jerky, and beer. That, and possibly a sushi bar ran by a master sushi chef that is friendly, and enjoys banter.

Memo to self: remember to use subjects. Otherwise sounds silly. Maybe too busy taking pictures of Sbarro to remember. Stilted style could lead to resurgence of Qt3 haiku meme.

Makes me sound like Rorschach, actually. Sort of kick-ass.

I guess he’s being sarcastic … what am I missing about that photo?