Too human

so I guess now we know the answer to that question.

It seems the embargo has expired andwe should see online previews now. Does dyack post here? he seems to post everywhere else on the internets.
1up preview

The game looks sweet, I just don’t give a shit about the mythology aspect at all, I want to see some equilibrium gun kata type stuff and this may be the game for it.

I read the EGM preview. Sounds absolutely fantastic. If that game remains a 360 exclusive (as opposed to nearly all other interesting Xbox games which all show up on the PC sooner or later) I might actually have to get that console eventually.

Ugh, yet another third person action game? Mark of Kri was the only one of those in the history of gaming to not suck, and Too Human is obviously not following in that game’s footsteps. Pass.

The EGM preview made it sound like it was God of War + Diablo, and the 1up preview pretty much confirmed that initial impression. Which sounds great to me if they actually put it off.

Huh? Mark of Kri was the only game not to suck?

Excellent -
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 3
God of War
Ninja Gaiden/Ninja Gaiden black

Good -
Zone of the Enders 2
Ratchet and Clank

I could go on…

He does :)

Well then don’t read that other thread linked in here. Ouch.

Well, considering that Microsoft is the publisher (and for the two sequels - it’s a planned trilogy), I think the odds of it remaining 360 exclusive are about 100%. ;)

Unless you mean whether or not it makes its way to the PC. I guess there’s a chance of that, though with Too Human it looks less likely than with Gears of War.

LOL, that’s nothing, only a few ad hominems. This forum is a little tamer then some. Most people love to think they know the industry. Bottom line, if you are not in it, you don’t have a clue. If they knew half the truth of what they were talking about their eyes would probably bleed.

PC port is extremely unlikely at this point. 360 is pretty locked and not going to change.

You can’t be serious.

I can only imagine that what Bob means by “third person action game” is something that most of us would consider a very specific subgenre, like “third person action game that’s focused on melee fighting”.

Yes, but…if that were the case it would be just as absurd. I mean, especially if Mark of Kri is your benchmark. No, Orpheo, I can only conclude BJB is having a little fun, Salad Fingers-style.

Eh, I was serious, but I didn’t think very long before posting. I mean, Dynasty Warriors 5 is a third-person action game.

I guess what I meant was games like Devil May Cry and its endless clones, which this game apparently aspires to emulate. I hate them all. But, given that, I probably shouldn’t have posted at all. Moment of weakness. Sorry.

Fair enough. I’m a bit curious what you consider a clone given the relatively large number of similar games that were pretty successful, but I’m willing to drop it. DMC took until v3 to grow on me, and even then only as a filler between other games, so I can definitely understand where you’re coming from…but Mark of Kri? I really thought that game had potential, until they stopped making it and farmed it out to broken game makers after the first few levels. Or whatever it is that explained the rapid collapse of the relationship between potential and actual greatness in that game.

I never actually finished Mark of Kri, but I got to either the 4th or 5th level (out of 5). I agree that it got worse as it went along, but nearly all games do. Mark of Kri’s decline was marked by the transition to linear puzzle levels.

But the reason I mentioned it is because the third person viewpoint was vitally important to the combat. You had to have that spatial awareness so that you could fight off six guys that have you surrounded. Whereas most third-person games are only third-person because they want to shove the main character down your throat, at the expense of gameplay (e.g. Splinter Cell). Probably the only reason I even thought of Mark of Kri is because this Edge Magazine I picked up recently has a nice retrospective on it.

That’s what I figured. When I said a PC port was “possible” I didn’t mean to imply that you guys wanted to work on one, or Microsoft wanted one, or anything of the sort. Only that, legally, it’s not impossible since Microsoft will publish games for the 360 and the PC. As opposed to there being a, say, PS3 port.

The game looks promising, a shame the art direction is so generic … Always nice to see a game attempting to bring depth and accessibility together without resorting to Diablo-esque repetition. It’ll be interesting to see if the gunplay and melee will remain rewarding even when it’s no longer a direct result of the player’s effort, but rather his intention.

Blindswordsman: I suppose you’re not talking about this yet, but could you elaborate on how the Norse mythology fits into the scheme? Is it relevant to themes in the plot, or is it first and foremost a marketing/branding decision? Will the plot or situations in it be inspired by tales from the mythology, or will the setting and society presented in the game be inspired by the general philosophy behind it?

Silicon Knights has never produced a game that relies this heavily on both technology and game design before, but what we’ve seen is already a big step forward for the developer.

And this paragraph just twisted my mind: The writer notes that Silicon Knights are doing a great job juggling both game design and technology, as if that was unheard of in the history of the company, if not even in videogaming in general! Unintentional insult, or friendly pat on the shoulder?

He probably just meant to say that Silicon Knights used to make well-designed games that didn’t push the technological envelope. And if you want to know more about the backstory you should definitely get the May issue of EGM (via Zinio depending on your location). It’s all about the backstory, and that’s why I’m so interested in this game.

PC ports of high-profile Xbox and 360 titles are hardly unprecedented, and I think the Halo port wasn’t made by Bungie anyway. Don’t forget that Microsoft is also selling Windows, they have an interest in bringing games to that platform, too. And they’re already selling the 360 controller for the PC.

I suppose I’ll have another look at the 360 game selection when Too Human is out but if the game is popular I bet we’ll see a PC port anyway, sooner or later.

Christoph: I’ve never read EGM before, but being a bit of a bastard, I naturally assume The Man would be able to give me a better low-down on the game than a gaming mag ever could. How is EGM? I only ever read Edge … Does EGM compare favourably to that?

Halo was ported by Gearbox, by the way, who went on to do Brothers in Arms after having lived in the shadow of Valve for a while.