Too Late with Adam Corolla

I don’t like having a second chance to see the Daily Show if I miss it, but Adam’s new show is actually pretty not too bad. Anyone else watching it?

It’s on in three minutes.

I wish I could watch it (at least to see how it is) but good old CTV and the Comedy Network in Canada opt to play reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Tremendous. :roll:

Tonight’s episode is funny too. The only problem so far seems to be that, like the Daily Show often does, it goes way downhill as soon as the guest comes out. Plus the guests all seem to be Adam’s friends so far. But it’s still funny.

For the record, I hated the Man Show like poison, but I liked Adam’s part of Loveline.

I like this show but with the condition it is only Adam Corolla that makes it funny. I like Adam from Loveline (and Dr. Drew) but his guests seem to drag the show down. If Adam can’t hold the show up, I will more than likely get bored and move onto something else. Not a good sign.

I seem to remember a television version of Loveline. What happened to it, did it just not translate from radio well?

That was on MTV and yeah.

I agree totally. I saw the Man Show a few times prior to seeing Loveline, so the first time I caught Loveline I rolled my eyes and said something about “that stupid guy again?” Then I went on to be shocked at how funny he was when he wasn’t sitting on a barstool reading off a teleprompter.

Actually, it translated just fine. But despite the humor, Loveline was actually an advice show, and I think they got to the point on MTV where kids were making up such rediculous things just to get on MTV that they felt the majority of the calls weren’t honestly seeking advice. So they scrapped the show since it wasn’t able to serve it’s purpose any longer.

My younger brother was a potential caller for this show. Something to note, at first they had him email a question in for approval. They approved and told him to call in to the show. He was on hold for the show but they never got to him. They then asked if he’d call in the next day, and they provided him with a new question to ask for that show. Once again they never got to him and asked him again to call in the following day at which point he declined.

I’ve got Lance in my pants.

Speaking of LoveLine… I’d pay to see Adam as co-host of Sue Johansen’s “The Sunday Night Sex Show”. OMG.