Too Many Bones: An Attempt

I’ve played and learned a lot of games. Some fairly complex. I play many solo.

I am beyond terrible at this. I started with two easy GearLocs and probably made ten, maybe 15 attempts and never won. I reread the rules trying to see what I missed. I know with these complex games with different mechanics you can always miss a rule that makes a game far too easy or far too difficult.

Too Many Bones breaks my brain somehow, but I love it so one day soon I’ll break it back out and try again as I have a bunch of content. It is the most I have spent on any single game. I love everything about it except how miserable I am. :)

I got an email telling me my game was on the way! So I am also excited.

I think the barbarian Tantrum and the healer Patches make a good pairing and are more straightforward individually. The barbarian has some depth optimizing use of their Rage, but I don’t recall it being required on the starting difficulty.

I found starting with Patches vs Nom was a really great (and forgiving) way to play to learn the rules. Patches’ ability to self-heal is great for survival, and if you can get one or both of his yellow item single-use items to save for the boss you can win that fight.

ok, thanks! Patches sounds good. Only one hero, to get used to all the dice and options. One more scenario in Jaws of the Lion, and then I can get this to the table…

Definitely get your fill of Gloomhaven now, because once you get Boned, you ain’t gonna wanna unbone.

My game has arrived.

Sunday is when I plan on setting it up for a game.

The Boneathon is scheduled!!!

You only have 8 days left to pre-order the pop-up book…

lol, I played my first learning game and got owned by some orc, trolls on day 6.
I learned, that I played on the highest difficulty, didn’t use any advance training points or extra HP … why do they put this information on the last page of the rules? nevermind, wouldn’t make much difference.

I still can get to Nom, the tyrannt.

ugh, I totally misplayed day 6, I doubled the number of days for the BD points (+2 from the encounter card), to 14 BD points. But I only play one character …

We finally got this to the table yesterday and so far, loving it.

the rules are…not well explained, but we found some video online that took us through it.

We are playing patches and Boomer. WE had to redo the first fight because we hadn’t figured out Boomer’s mechanics yet.

Now we stumbled onto out 2nd fight, which is day 4, 2 of us, facing off against the tyrant Nom eventually, which means [spoiler tag is not working??? hence summary]


8 points of enemies, which is 1 troll and 3 orcs. And we are shackled. But we both have items to help with lockpicking, and using items happens first in the round I believe, meaning we should ace the lockpicking, because if I understand the mechanics correctly, we each get to have a go, and there are 3 die + the initiative(?) dice, so we will get a total of 6 die + 2 items to crack 3 locks…

Now, if I am reading things right, we get to go first, but the troll steadily builds up power as the fight goes on. I can use one of my dexterity points to heal Boomer every round if need be, and I think this will be needed because the Orcs (ranged) targetting means they go after Boomer.

So I am thinking I advance, kill the Orcs first. Boomer has 2 grenades handy so an use one per round I think. That extra damage means we should clear the Orcs in 2 or 3 rounds. I think go after the Orcs first because they have that modifier “raider” iirc, which means they get 1 extra attack dice for each orc on the board, so 3 orcs means 3 attack die each means mega pain.

Now if I understand the rules correctly, the bones I rolled in previous fights carry over? Because if not, then how will you ever accumulate them?

If they do carry over, then one round 3 or 4, assuming some extra bones get generated, I should be able to do 4 true damage to someone, meaning the Troll, that is of course if we are still alive!

It should be a good fight. From the first fight, Orcs were easy.

Bones do not carry over from fight to fight. You clear active slots + Backup Plan. Locked dice stay (unless you get KOed on a higher difficulty or something else removes them), that’s why Locking can be really good.

I’ve not ever gotten anyone’s +1, personally, but that does stay for the rest of the run if you manage to get those 6 bones.

they carry over from round to round within a battle


This fight might be harder then.

hm, I think this is the same that @malkav11 wrote, too. You can accumulate bones during a battle in each round. After the battle, bones are cleared. Not sure if there is a special gearlock, who can lock their bones.

Not that I’m aware of. Yeah, bones stick around during a battle, clear at the end.

OK, finished Nom. Lucky, I had electric charge on my Patches. Ah, dammit. Now I remember that Nom heals 1 at start of turn, oh well. Same as me. If I extrapolate, I probably would have killed him some rounds later.

edit: replayed Nom with correct rules, also with his defense die (forgot that, too). Tough fight, but I could finish him with electric charges, lucky I had 3 of them, just needed the bones to fire them.

This the 4 bones ability?

If so then that’s the one I’m counting on to kill the Troll.

yes, a real life saver… if you are on the good side of the discharge.

So, this game plays much better (easier!) With 4 characters.

I took Latches and Tantrum (healer and berserker) and my partner took Boomer and Picket (explosives and the only ranged character, plus a tank.)

4 characters mean we can pick locks that much faster, and we can isolate and focus damage enemies.

We hd one fight against 12npoints of enemies, except one of the 5 point enemies hd Signal 3, meaning every turn another 3 1point enemies joined the battle queue, and would get spawned at the start of the round (thankfully with low initiative) and we couldn’t kill this guy until round 3.

That meant 9 1point enemies to fight ontop of the original 12.

Long fight, went to round 6.

Thankfully Patches can just heal himself indefinitely, and Tantrum hits quite hard (managed to get angry enough to instantly kill a 1point enemy that was casting poison. Ugh I hate poison.)

Also I tried to upgrade Tantrum’s attack twice when resting and failed, so put the points into health, meaning he has a huge pool of health now. :)