Too Many Cooks

Stick with it.

Edit - updated the original link with the official (HD) version. Thanks forgeforsaken!

Also, here is Too Many Cookies!, thanks ddtibbs!


Due to the handbra girl, I’m going to warn peeps that this might be a tad NSFW. I stopped after a couple minutes, not sure if it gets any worse but I doubt it (since it’s Adult Swim).


It terms of implied nudity, it doesn’t get any worse.

But it gets worse in a weirder, darker, violent, surreal kind of way

Okay. That was oddly awesome. I love how each gag kind of over stays its welcome just long enough to border funny vs annoying.

That’s before it gets to why people are passing it around. It’s worth a full watch, it’s probably not safe for work.

I tried, I really did but it just dragged way too much for me. 11 minutes is a long time, if you can’t hook me in the first 10 seconds or so forget it. I don’t watch those kinds of shows anymore and that might also be why this is wasted on me.

Part of why this works is the slow descent into madness. At first it appears it’s going to be one overlong gag of just adding more and more characters…then it changes, and if you were paying attention those changes were starting to be hinted at the 23s mark of the video.

Same here, more or less. Some of the gags were great, but around halfway through I thought “OK, that’s enough of that.”

It might have worked better as a series of one or two minute bits.

So you all got to the


Murder spree, where the guy who had been hidden in the background starts violently killing off all the other characters in the intro…before it gets really weird.

at least right?

First time I watched it, I made it about 2 minutes in. Thought it was one long gag and didn’t want to sit through 8 more minutes.

Then I watched it again, and yeah it goes completely sideways around the 4th minute (if I recall correctly).

Also official HQ version is up

a) I love the circular table shot.


You meant 32.


There’s also one at 1:20+. edit: 1:40. 1:58. 2:07. 2:27. 3:02. 3:20 (where I imagine most people first saw him). 3:43. and then it begins

edit: Ps I loved that they had Al Bundy’ door.

The dude is standing on the right at 21~ish.

Sorry Pod, you are wrong and cheapfilms is correct. :)

That one actually scared me. (21 in the hd version).

Well, there IS one at 0:32 as well ;)

No, he meant the 23s mark… look closely.

That was something.