Too much CGI? No, Doolittle!

Can we have real sets and mechanical props again? It’s all dreamy plasticy stuff that doesn’t even look real anymore.

I’m more disappointed with the needless butchering of a classical song that deserved a lot better.

Like this?

Like this (except for Laura Dern’s semi-crappy acting):

I thought The Rock and Emily Blunt were in this? Looks just the same.

This is the official thread for the movie DoLittle now. That’s how Qt3 works.

I move to rename the thread, “Too much CGI? No, Doolittle!”

I second your motion.

You win. Renamed.

Um, I think the answer is no. Hollywood is not going away from this stuff.

Yea I know :(

Movies like Transformers and The Hunger Games are so aggressively teal and orange that they look like big-budget adaptations of a Spencer Gifts blacklight poster. As we’ve explained before, the reason for this is that those two colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, and as such are immediately pleasing to human eyes. Since human skin best resembles orange more than anything else on that wheel, color graders had an easy starting point to completely ruin every film they work on.

I noticed this in video games before I noticed it in film. Homeworld 2 (2003) seriously over did the orange/teal thing, and was pretty ugly as a result. (Homeworld Remastered did away with most of this thankfully.)

There’s also the overuse of tan/drab colors which I attribute to imagery in the news coming from Afghanistan/Iraq, as well as soldiers/trucks/whatever at home.

Lastly, the trend in “bros” growing long bushy beards starting with soldiers trying to “fit in” (and mostly failing, I’ve read) with “the locals”. Or Duck Dynasty. (Not sure which is worse.)

Setting aside the bad CG, and the song-butchering for a moment, can we just camp out on how terrible an idea this is at its core? I can’t imagine the person who thought that Dr Dolittle desperately needed need the melancholy hero / epic adventure treatment.

LOL I thought that was a given. The hat flip thing right at the beginning had me cringe with it’s forced nature. I love Robert Downey Jr, but yeesh.

Well it looks like the production turmoil showed up nicely in the trailer!

While that director did sound bonkers, it’s a very common theme about directors not liking pre-prod and pre-planning, in my experience (we’re going through very similar angst on our current flick, although with less tv-punching). I think it’s that, when they make it up on the day, they’re the ones playing and creating and figuring out problems; traditional storyboards were not a challenge to their artistic sensibilities in the same way. But with modern movie pre-vis, either the director is exhaustively sitting with a whole team of animators and holding their hands, making digital camera moves and compositions (very few have the patience or gumption) or you are effectively handing the direction of your movie over to a bunch of animators, with only cursory input on the execution. Many use it only as a guide and shoot a simplified or stylized version of the previs, but then they face the wrath of producers when they inevitably introduce slews of continuity errors, or break compositions, etc. Some use the pre-vis wholesale and are happy to get the action bits off their plate to concentrate on actor based scenes; every one is different. One day though, I hope to work on a Cameron or Ridley Scott film where they ask for a sequence/shot and already know it works in their heads, since I thought that’s what all directors needed to be able to do when getting in the business. It’s what I see when given a brief. The amount of trial and error on the part of directors these days, and the money it costs, is staggering.

Yeah the animals here are smooth and fake-y, but you wouldn’t believe how much manicuring they went through to get to that level of blah.

I’m only familiar with the Dr. Doolittle cartoons they used to show on British TV. It was very melancholy. I always had to weigh whether I wanted to feel sad and watch the Dr. Doolittle cartoon or watch nothing and be bored.

Edit: I can’t find it online. The one that looks like it is Dr. Snuggles. So maybe it wasn’t Dr. Doolittle after all.

I am old enough to remember seeing the original Dr. Doolittle in the theaters, with Rex Harrison.