Tools to buy for xmas gifts?

what kind of tools have you found useful that my brother is unlikely to already own? i plan to stop by sears and pick something up since i don’t want to depend on shipping.

A good leatherman/multitool or a nice maglite flashlight.

Get him an electric cheese straightener.

How about a really good toolbox?

3 chainsaws and a book on how to juggle.

You only need one word…


A rape kit

What does he already have? The most useful tools in the world, in order:

  1. Cordless drill
  2. Bit set for cordless drill
  3. Mess o’ clamps, vice-grips
  4. Lots of tape
  5. Dremel tool
  6. Bit set for Dremel tool
  7. Nice socket set
  8. Depending on skill, saber saw/circular saw
  9. Good set of sawhorses
  10. A nice workbench

A cordless drill is easily the greatest thing invented by man, IMHO. Everything else is just what I find myself using most often, in order.


I bought my ex 3 very nice and very feminine gifts. The 4th gift was a cordless drill that we needed as we had just moved into a house. After that xmas, every year until we split, she, and her friends, would never let me forget my faux paux…EVER. I buy myself gifts now.

The first gift I ever got from my father-in-law was a cordless drill. He probably assumed I was more of a man than I actually am.

Or, considering how underpowered the thing is, less of a man.


I saw one of these Dewalt cordless drills a contractor was using. The cheap Ryobi or Black and Decker wireless drills I own often don’t have enough power to drill into walls. End up using hand-powered screwdrivers more often than not.

The battery charger dock for the Dewalt has LED’s indicating battery charge status. To be honest looking at the drill made me salivate slightly.

Definitely need to know what he has. We were looking at getting my dad that Stanley tripod flashlight, until my 2 brothers and I opted to go in on an LCD picture frame.

Lame. My 2nd favorite birthday present this year is the Dremel the bf got me. Tools and gadgets are awesome.

Black and Decker tools are for people that like pretending to be repairmen. Even for the level of consumer products, they suck.

  1. Dremel
  2. One of those laser leveler things or
  3. One of those laser measuring tapes

I don’t know how good 2 or 3 are, but my brother in law has one and they were hella fun to play with for a couple hours.

Nice sets of drill bits or sockets are also good.

Well made laser levelers are great tools… and cool gadgets at the same time.

Nebo 8-in-1 magnetic lighted ratcheting screwdriver.

Best. Screwdriver. EVAR.

I was stuck on the freeway on a trip a month ago and had my crank flashlight but my cell was dead…this would have solved that issue!

I got my Black and Decker cordless drill for opening a bank account. That’s how good the product is! I was doing some serious work and the thing was so underpowered, I wound up borrowing my brother-in-law’s Dewalt. Now that was a serious peice of equipment. But the Black and Decker drill works pretty well as a cordless screwdriver.

You pansies need cordless tools? Pffft.

Rocks & sticks, kids!

But if you insist: my father would tell you DeWalt or don’t bother.