Tooth and Tail - RTS, Monaco devs, formerly Armada


Yes, it's Redwall meets CnC.

  • Procedurally generated maps.
  • Build your own faction from units and structures before you start a match
  • Controller and KBM.
  • Coming 2016-ish.


Love the art style, love the ideas outlined in the bullet points. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks for passing along the deets!


Schatz’s latest blog post has me really excited about this for a number of reasons:

[li] His effervescent delivery
[/li][li] “it’s easy to learn, simple to control, and quick to play (5-12 minute matches). TnT is a game for people who want to focus on strategy, not micro. More real-time chess, less competitive cow-clicker.” I suck at micro and cow clicking.
[/li][li] The gorgeous art.
[/li][li] “If this is you: “The biggest problem with [POPULAR RTS] is the user interface. It makes the game a lot more micro intensive than it needs to be. The game has too much focus on APM and hotkeys.” We gotcha, boo.” That’s probably me.
[/li][li] “Maps are randomly generated – players must change their strategies based on the unique circumstances of the world.” This is something I loved about Infested Planet and Revenge of the Titans.
[/li][li] “Every player can mix and match their own faction of up to 7 units or structures” Sounds nice and lean.


I normally don’t like RTS but I love the art style here. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.


Well this looks fantastic.


So this was released today. Anyone playing it?


Yes! It’s a 15-minute Sacrifice with cute animals instead of weird flopping things.



Worked my way through the first quarter of the campaign, and now I have to decide if I want to bash my head against the mission I just finished so I can get the bonus objective or just move on.

Quite liking what I’ve played so far, and the Sacrifice comparison is apt in terms of what to expect in general gameplay terms.


Saw a let’s play, and it looks and even sounds like Magic & Mayhem. Going to save my pennies for this one.


Did a short video of this over in the Streaming thread, if’n you want to see what it’s like. I really like this game so far.


Can you skirmish against the ai, or is story mode the only single player option?


Skirmish is available.


Yeah, I see it now. You have to select your commander in multiplayer before the option to add bot shows up.


I take this as a strong recommendation, since Tom loves Sacrifice and I love the idea of a game like Sacrifice that makes a lick of fucking sense.


I went in expecting Armello meets CnC, instead I found a very hero-centered RTS like in Sacrifice or Brutal Legend using the animals as allegory for early 20th C. Eastern European revolutionary movements. Less furry fun and more burn your oppressors’ farms.


Man, either


would be awesome.

Something about the previews didn’t click for me but this thread is inclining me to acquiesce in the possibility of changing my mind.


It’s kind of… not sure yet. You pick 5 unit a out of I think a list of 20? You have to swarm your opponents because there’s only one leader and one “right click” action on the map, so no micro of units? There’s no difference between the factions? The yellow robe wearing rats looks suspiciously, er… Jewish to me? A bit uncomfortable with that. I like how baked into the game is the cynicism of these “revolutions”. Even in the tiny bits of diolog we get in the campaign (basically just text boxes) we learn the Longcoat leader is a bare hypocrite. It’s all so Eastern European.

I mean I sorta like the aesthetic and the funky narrative context. It’s pretty clearly not all that deep as a strategy game - or maybe better said has a very clear and hard ceiling as to what you’re going to get out of it. It’s a “eat or be eaten” world of carnivores and pigs-peasants with numbers for names and zero-sum economics, where you’re literally holding the fork or being served on a fork, and making the characters animals makes this allegorical weirdness possible. That’s I guess my favorite thing about the game.


Close! You pick six units from among four tiers. Tier 1, 2, 3, and defenses. Five units in each tier. Pick any six. Theoretically, you could pick all five defenses and try to turtle. And, yeah, it’s swarming of a sort, but a lot of it is positioning, territory, attrition, countering units, scouting, regrouping, and – if you’re really hardcore – managing individual units types. Left click for “all attack here”, right click for “selected unit type attacks here”, and hold down the button to command units to follow you (i.e. retreat).

Also, the economy is super finicky, which is a substantial part of the gameplay. In a way, it’s like Total Annihilation in that you queue up stuff and have to manage the flow, but with very limited resources. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your army will starve to death.

I love it to pieces, but it’s a very peculiar beast. Which is a compliment!





Yes, you’re right! Misremembered the exact details.

My worry is how “hard” a counter these units actually are. With such a large variety of units to pick from and so few to carry into a skirmish/multi game I wonder how much of winning will just be the luck of the draw? You picked birds and I have no counter to birds, so I lose. GG! (but not really). It seems like a bit of a hill to climb - players need to understand what all of the 20 units do and what counters them. This seems a higher bar to clear than most RTS games - even Total War games with their 200 unique units pretty much breakdown into spear/sword/ranged/cav.