Tooth and Tail - RTS, Monaco devs, formerly Armada


Yeah, I think it’s pretty great. It’s VERY fast. Tom and I have fallen prey to the “one more game” think because of this.


I am so going to buy this…


So why isn’t this on Xbox?
I thought we had this whole windows gaming thing going.


Oh, my sweet summer child…



Oh you’re really going to hate me then, because I’d actually love for this to be a switch game. It’s available on ps4 I can use a mouse with my xbox supposedly so why not? Also I love that the designers demoing the game are playing with an xbox controller.


Why would I hate you for wanting it to be a Switch game? I’d love for this to be on as many platforms as Pocketwatch can get it on! And I use a game controller to play as well. There’s nothing about the gameplay that prefers a mouse and keyboard.

But anyone holding his breath for the whole Windows for Gaming thing, or for any hope that Microsoft will be relevant to videogames again, has long since suffocated. :)



Not holding my breath for crossplay etc.
I just thought it was odd that it was on pc and not xbox arcade considering it’s also on ps4.


What’s weird in their roadmap is that Xbox isn’t mentioned at all. Coming to PC and ps4, absolutely not coming to mobile or switch.


Bump… so is this worth $10?


It’s worth $20.


The multiplayer is the best thing since Herzog Zwei in my opinion (there is even split screen local play!), but, but…
It’s tough to say almost, now: they switched their server infrastructure to GOG with regions and stuff, making hosting a game with a friend quite a hassle, and I have experienced network issues (but I am in a remote territory, so I guess the experience is US oriented now).

The single player campaign is trying to be original but is mostly uninteresting, and the skirmish mode is super lacking, so I’d definitely pass it if you don’t intend to play it against other players.

Disclaimer: I hate RTS.


My RTS skills are rusty. I suck at this.

How do you beat the first KSR mission, the one in winter with campfires only? I was going for the “no building” extra objective, but that’s not going too well.