Top 10 Xmas Gifts for this year?

This thought is based on this Article. While it centered directly on games, i was thinking more generally. What would be the best gifts of this year? I was thinking, I wouldn’t mind seeing - Homicide Life on the Street - Complete Series Megaset under my tree. Or a Wii…

Anything else cool available this year? The family will start calling shortly for suggestions, and I am out of ideas.

I’m a little confused. You seem to be wanting none video games, but you mention Wii. For non-video games, I think mp3 player, HDTV (if that’s not too big), DVDs like the one you mentioned…any other series you really like?.

Oh, PCGamer (I think) has a feature every month of cool gift ideas, only some of which are video game related. Most are geek related in some way though.

The latest CGM had a nice holiday gift guide, including caffeinated soap and a USB hub that looks like a nuclear launch button!

i got my brother and brother in law fx lightsabers last xmas and birthday. this xmas i’m getting my nieces kid tough fisher price digital cameras (get them at target: they have a free 32mb memory disc included).

here is a cooltools website that has interesting stuff

I’m planning on doing gift lists on Dethroner this week; if anything solid shows up I’ll pass it on.