Top 100 games in terms of sales for 2006

not a lot of games for the pc, xbox or gamecube on that list.

Is it pathetic that I only played one game on that entire list (Oblivion)? Guess not, considering I don’t go for Sports, Action, Shooters, Platformers, or Racing, nor play console games.

I thought it was odd that NWN2 didn’t make the list.

I’m surprised, though, to see Zelda: TP sold more units than Oblivion. 2 months versus 9 on shelves, and Z:TP still edged Oblivion out. Very impressive.

Neverwinter Nights was on Direct2Drive. Also, I think NPD fails to account for online retail sales, such as Amazon, etc. A game like NWN2 will tend to appeal to a more “wired” audience then you average console game.

Fascinating list. All hail the power of the franchise and/or license–Brain Age and Gears of War are the only two in the top 20 that aren’t either. (Actually, looking back, there’s usually only one “new” game per 10 positions. Wow.)

Am I mistaken in assuming Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a disappointment at position 37 considering it counts the “Xbox 360 and most others” in its scope?

Oh, and such are the pleasures of being a counsel junkie–I own 8 of those games, and rented one (KHII).

I’ve played all of 5 of those games. I somewhat thank WOW for saving me quite a bit of money last year. Hopefully Vanguard will do the same this year. (excepting comp upgrades of course)

Is that a good thing? I used to think being able to play a game for months upon months was a measure of how good it was, and perhaps it is, but I couldn’t help notice that I was missing out on good games because of that sort of single-mindedness. Nowadays, I probably wouldn’t go more than two-three months, max, without a new purchase.

I’ve just got one thought to share, just one.

Quantity Sold != Quality of Game.

That is it. I’ve got no brain left, spooged it all into this post here.

Played 32 of them, own another 6 I haven’t played yet.

Wow, Mortal Kombat in the 40s?


That’s exactly what I thought, its amazes me that game franchises like MK, Sonic (32) and Spyro (56) still sell well despite not being anywhere near A-list for a good many years. Just shows that gamers really will buy anything with a name that’s recognisable attached to it.

Countering that is was nice to see dead rising, black, bully and saint row all rank fairly well despite being original IPs and essentially limited to one system each.

I bought 4 or 5. Only played a couple hours of Okami. Need to get back into that at some point. A little surprised it made the top 100 but #100 isn’t much to brag about.

I used to buy at least a game a month and invariably would only play them for a bit before the next purchase. So, for me, WoW saved me money and I spent a lot of time actually playing a specific game more than I used to.
I still buy other games but only 4 or 5 new ones last year. I’m kind of glad consoles are spendy so I wont be tempted there…even though peer pressure keeps knocking at my door.

I have one:

57. Bratz: Forever Diamondz

That’s not right, I have Bratz: Red Mystery Strip Club for Skanks

So I guess I have zero. Oops, forgot Oblivion, which I have done surprisingly easily.

Tee-hee… Red Steel outsold both Prey and F.E.A.R. Ah, the benefits of being part of a launch lineup.

I’m shocked that Tetris DS sold only 320,000 copies. Guess the Tetris fever is finally dying down.

And Jaws Unleashed outsold all of them, at 370,000 copies. I’ll go cry now.

It’s quite a drop from first place to second in terms of units sold(6.5million to 2.6million), if i’m reading the info right. I wonder if it being a superbowl season would have bumped up sales on madden or is that par for the norm for this title?

What? This is a list for the whole year. They have Superbowls every year. Am I reading your post correctly?

Ah ok - just some cross atlantic confusion(i.e my kinda football is round and played with the foot!). Cool i found out something new today.

true but Quantity Sold = what gets green lit for this year.