Top 100 Indie Games

Game Tunnel’s Top 100.

Congrats to Qt3’s own Hiro_Antagonist for placing third with Land of Legends!

No mention of Nethack? Article is a tr… oh, of the past 3 years. No mention of Dokutsu Monogatari? Okay, yeah, Wikipedia says Dec 2004. Article is a troll.


No Illwinter’s Dominions games?

That said, a ton of neat suggetions. Mr. Robot did look impressive when it was being advertised…

Braid isn’t out yet, why would it be on any best of lists?

Bookworm adventures but no peggle? Snobs.

What is the current definition of an indie game? Is it having a publisher? Is it the size of the team? Is it the budget of the game? Is it something I missed?

what about MMO’s that are on-going? Puzzle Pirates should be up there…

Not the new version, the old version.

this list has been identified as questionable at best.

It should also be noted that GameTunnel only covers indie games that you have to pay for, so that leaves out all those silly bastards who give their games away for free.

Hey, I have a producer credit on #21!

I LOVE that list.

I <3 Qt3, where even the indie folks get taken to task.

  • Alan

Well, “been identified” sounds a little too… definitive. The article seems to be mainly het up about affiliate linkage, and the discussion in the comments repeatedly makes the mistake of calling it an all-time list.

GameTunnel is a good site and there’s definitely some great games on there. However I noticed this list a few weeks and I think it’s pretty subpar compared to GameTunnel’s usual level of quality.

Example: Oasis is #21 (and yeah, it’s an awesome game!) however GameTunnel awarded it Game of the Year back in 2005? Did it suddenly become that much worse? Some games that beat it: BreakQuest, Outpost Kaloki and Global Defense Network and Zzed. There’s no fucking way those are top 20 indie games. And Big Kahuna Reef at #25? Yeah…right.

My own list of top Indie PC games (in no particular order):

Mr. Robot
Teenage Lawnmower
Mutant Storm
Weird Worlds
Mexican Motor Mafia
Bookworm Adventures
Kudos: Rock Legend
Tradewinds Legends
Astral Masters
A Tale in the Desert
Mount & Blade

Nice list StGabe, I’m checking some of those out :)

I know many indies make real short simple games(it makes sense in most ways), still what I really love are those that make something a bit more substantial.

My small list in no special order is currently:

  1. Darwinia(it aims right at my ‘Tron’ the movie weak spot)
  2. Dominions
  3. Mount+Blade
  4. Defcon
  5. Armagedon Empires(the latest info is in the thread on this forum)

Ahem. I try to do that. my contributions:

Kudos : Rock Legend.

Although I’m currently doing Democracy 2, which should be even more geeky and involved than the first one, and not simple or casual by any measure. That’s the plan anyway.

Is this guy seriously worried that people aren’t to understand that Gametunnel didn’t use the scientific method to develop their Top Ten List? Does chick put IMHO in the subject of all his top ten lists?

That’s just obscene, is everyone a Fallout fan now? Hey, facade is up there! Does that please the indie snots?

EDIT: I’d say they were spot on with Breakquest and DROD. Though their little blurb on DROD calls it a ‘small’ game, which is pretty off base.

Well, the primary reason I say the list is questionable is because it excludes freeware games. So its not really even a top 100 indie games list, its a top 100 list of indie games they could make money off via affiliate links.

Looks like he is just mad because no one will eat dinner with him.

I swear to god, indie PC gamers are getting just as bad as indie film enthusiasts. Or were they always this bad, and just kept to their caves better?