Top 3 blank CD/DVD manufacturers?

I’m trying to figure out what brand of CD/DVD manufacturer to go with by evaluating reviews at Newegg… and they’re just all over the place.

So for those of you that do a lot of bruning, either with CD-R or DVD-R, or RW… what media brand do you like to go with?


I’ve had good luck with Fuji’s and Memorex.

Of the brands I see on, I only have experience with Imation,
Ritek and Verbatim. My highest rate of failure has actually been with
Verbatim, while Imation has always been decent. I believe Ritek is often
relabelled and sold under other names, so a lot of ‘noname’ discs may
actually be Ritek. They’re decent, anyway.

I’ve also had vast amounts of Memorex DVDs for free, which seemed
overall quite decent. I have no idea if this was a cheaper brand, though.
160 DVDs for free is something I don’t turn down, and I don’t ask about
the value then :)

I saw a lot of people complaining about re-branding certain makers of writable media on NewEgg’s site.

For DVDs, I use Taiyo Yuden. Not all brands actually manufacture their own DVDs and they can vary from batch to batch. Here is a good site for you to look through There are programs that help identify who manufactures your discs- DVDIdentifier or DVD Media Inspector (at the top of the page in the link mentioned).

CD: Imation is preferred, good results with Fuji, Memorex, & TDK.

DVD: My burner hates TDK, dislikes Sony, and is tolerant of Memorex. DVD burners are just fussy as far as I can tell.

Had good luck with memorex CDs and DVDs, had bad luck with Samsung CDs.

Verbatim, Imation, TDK, Memorex.

Ain’t that the truth. My Rite-On burner hates TDK, and has zero problems with Fuji and Memorex. My Sony burner has no problem burning those same TDK’s, but doesn’t do well with no-name brand media. It’s finicky hardware.

For DVD-R, Taiyo-Yuden are king. DVD+R, I’ve heard good things about Ritek.

Most important, for longevity Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DataLifePlus have been rated highest. When buying Verbatim you want the “Metal AZO” version. (DataLifePlus) If not, it is a lower class of Verbatim product.

Also, fake Taiyo Yuden product has supposedly innundated the marketplace, so only purchase from respected, well-known companies.

Fake as in sold as TY, or fake as in coded as TY?

DVD: Fuji. I think the ones that are “made in japan” are usually Taiyo Yuden. Verbatim is good also in my experience.
CD: Memorex, TDK, Fuji.

I have never once suffered a failed burn with even the cheapest media. So I always buy noname stuff.

Have had good luck with Verbatim DataLifePlus but bad luck with cheap Memorex CD-RW.

Fake as in sold as TY, or fake as in coded as TY

Both, I believe. Let me see if I can find the website article…

<edit> found this, but it isn’t the article I’m referring to. In the article I read someone did an extensive investigation of the media they purchased, and with the help of others determined that it was knock-off of TY, coded as such. The only way to tell the difference (other than the burn quality) was that the placement of the identifier numbers near the hub was a milimeter off those pressed on actual TY discs.

That sucks… you can’t trust anything nowadays.