Top 5: Cartoons (Evar)

Alright, this time lets do cartoon series.

  1. Simpsons
  2. Star Blazers
  3. Ren & Stimpy
  4. Animaniacs
  5. Thundarr the Barbarian

Not nececelery technically the best, but the most fondly remembered, in my mind.

Your turn!

  1. Popeye
  2. Macross (Robotech)
  3. Transformers
  4. Flintstones
  5. Warner Bros

(And a special mention to Wait 'til your father gets home).

[ul]Bugs Bunny[/ul][ul]Scooby Doo[/ul][ul]Pinky and the Brain[/ul][ul]Rocky and Bullwinkle[/ul][ul]Roger Ramjet[/ul]

I think its heresy to mention “Macross” and “Robotech” in the same sentence without appending “Carl Macek is a fucking butcher” or some similar expression of disgust at the damned gaijin who fuck with Japanimation.

I don’t get it myself, though.

My list:

  1. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
  2. Inhumanoids
  3. MASK
  4. Centurions
  5. Pacman

Wow, I remember getting Gun Grinner to fight my friend’s Wheeled Warrior (the one with the Buzzsaw arm). Thanks for sparking the memory with that one. :D

  1. Inhumanoids

Everytime I think of that cartoon, I remember that skeletal Inhumanoid, Decompose, yelling “DECOMPOSE” as he tries to stuff someone/something into his opened ribcage. That show really was a lot weirder than any other show I can remember at the time.

  1. MASK

Masked crusaders,
working overtime -
fighting crime -
all the time . . . .

  1. Centurions

The flying guy had the best stuff.

  1. Pacman

Meh. Didn’t really do anything for me.

Here’s a few good ones you missed (in no particular order):

  1. Robotix

  2. GI Joe - Just because of the great absurdity of Dr. Mindbender as mad-scientist/Mr. Olympia candidate. Or for Storm Shadow telling the Dreadnaughts that “A ninja does not use weapons - a ninja IS a weapon!” as he punches a tank and the tank falls apart.

  3. Star Blazers (I know it was mentioned by someone else already, but it deserves another mention just for the awesome theme song.)

  4. Silver Saber and the Star Sheriffs

  5. Gummi Bears (because I always rooted for Duke Igthorn, the villain)

Oh, almost forgot:

  • Dungeons and Dragons

A cartoon ahead of its time. It had so much goodness - one-horned Venger, Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon, a heroic party made of various key character classes, only distilled down in some arbitrarily lame way.

For example, Hank the Ranger, with an energy bow that could shoot anything except for arrows that actually hit and damaged other living things (but great when you need an energy arrow to shoot across a ravine and create a zipline for everyone to escape down). Or Derek the Cavalier, with the ability to HOLD A SHIELD, and uh, run away a lot (understandable when your only ability is to HOLD A SHIELD). Or the Barbarian kid, who was like Thundarr crossed with Mini-Me, paired up with a baby Unicorn that looked like it wandered in from My Little Pony.

What a great show. They should bring that back.

They did. Do yourself a favor - don’t ever watch it, just remember it fondly.

Oh yeah, almost forgot another couple:

  1. VOLTRON (the 5-lion Voltron, not the 200-little-crap-ass-ship Voltron, or the odd 3-robot Voltron)

Sometime after the first season, I remember rooting for the villains (I think led by Prince Lothor starting 2nd season) because I got sick of the old “Form Blazing Sword” ultimate move of monster annihilation. Bonus points to anyone who can recite the complete sequence to get the Lions to boot up (not the sequence to Form Voltron - that’s too easy).

  1. Thundercats - made even better by hearing the outtake reel of the voice actors. Plus, Cheetara was pretty hot back in the day.

Yup. Cheetara all right.

Pumira wasn’t bad either. You know, for a cat-woman.

This is going to sound ridiculously stupid, but the cartoon that’s impressed me the most was Teddy Ruxpin. I never watched it as a kid, but it became part of my college ritual while I made breakfast. For some reason it was on at 6am, and I had to leave for my bus at 6:30… so I watched it. The alternative was bible-thumper shows and infomercials, but I got hooked.

It must be the first cartoon that I know of that had a continuous, over-arching plot, complete with twists and characters that evolved. I haven’t seen anything like that in western animation until Exo Squad, which kicked some serious ass. In fact, it was THE best cartoon.

(I just know I’m going to regret this)


THANK YOU!!! I was trying to remember that one cartoon with the humans in power-suits fighting in space against Martian super-human super-soldiers. Had a great, over-arching storyline, great action, and lots of animated space carnage. IIRC, the Martians were genetically engineered humans designed to be bigger, stronger, and tougher than regular humans. And I think they were winning for most of the series. Man, they shouldn’t have cancelled/ended that.

They re-released the action figures for that show under a new name and ethos that probably sucks donkey, though.

If you’re going to include Thundercats, you have mention He-Man who made it possible.

No mention of the family guy? TRAVESTY!

The Simpsons
The Tick
Star Trek: TAS
Looney Toons
MTV’s Spider-Man

The Simpson
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Yogi the Bear
Looney Toons
Battle of the Planets (mostly because it is the first sci-fi show I can remember)


Well, if we’re going for cheesy cartoons. I watched an awful lot of G-force. 7-zark-7. What the hell type of name is that for a robot.

And yeah, Voltron (with the lions) roxxors. And I also watched too much Thundercats. (snarf).

Nobody’s mentioned Futurama yet? Sheesh.

best cartoons for grown-ups:

  1. Futurama
  2. King of the Hill
  3. Family Guy
  4. Simpsons
  5. Cowboy Be-bop ( I know, almost a whole other genre, in a totally different vein. So sue me)
  1. Robotech/Macross/Superdimensional Cavalry/Whatever…
    You know what I’m talking about. Sure, a bunch of it was annoying (someone take shotgun to Minmei already). Sure, the “Americanized” almagamation called Robotech was contrived at times. (Basically, Carl Macek wanted to import these three seperate Japanese shows, but since each one of them didn’t have enough episodes for syndication, he “merged” them together into one big storyline and, viola, 89 episodes, just perfect for US TV station buyers.)

But this had the biggest impact on me, by far. And the emotional punch that you never see on kid’s morning cartoons. Roy Fokker getting killed. Ben Dixon ripped apart. The absolute motherfucker of a nightmare-inducer when you saw the soldier ask the little girl how old she was (“3”) right before the Zentradi’s energy beam slammed into the planet like a nuclear weapon going off, and you see the soldier trying to shield the little girl as the shock wave evaporates them, and all you hear are their dying screams right before the roar of the explosion. I saw that when I was 12, and the Cold War was still going on, and I couldn’t sleep properly for weeks after that.

The Invid stuff was crap… too much was just out of sync and the continuity was off, and, damnit, shut the hell up already about Marlene Scott.

I did like the Southern Cross series a lot though. The bittersweet ending, especially. “We beat them, but it was a pyhrric victory, and now we’re totally exhausted and spent and we’re dead meat for the Invid.”

  1. Tough call, but Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato. I had a chance to borrow a friend’s VHS tape collection a couple years ago, and it was incredibly cheezy and so 70’s in look and feel, but when I heard that Stalinistic theme song, I flashbacked to Kindergarden when I’d race back from school so I could catch the afternoon showing of Star Blazers. And I’d wake up early each morning so I could catch the morning showing, right after the 700 Club. Man. Good times.

Should also mention that my nostalgic love is so strong, I plunked down a couple years ago for that $250 die-cast model of the Yamato. Quite simply, THE. GREATEST. TOY. EVAR. I was working at EA at the time, and all the guys came over and just gazed upon it.

  1. Voltron (the 200 ship version). I hated the Lion version with a passion, cause that’s the one that ended up being the “most popular” of them, but I loved the 200 ship version, cause it was the most militaristic. Sure, all the figher jets were unmaned drones, but it actually had such a naval warefare feel to it. Kinda like Wing Commander or something.

Oh, this is just the Japanese animation I grew up on. If I’d have to put Simpsons and Futurama on the list, they’d be amongst the Top 5. Don’t know how the order would go, but it’d be close.