Top 5: Cartoons (Evar)

Nobody mentioned the Batman Animated Series yet either.

Or Captain Marvel and the Superhero Power Hour.

Or the Chipmunks.

Or the Smurfs.

What cartoons that are out now do you guys think will stand the test of time? I watched a bit of Duck Dodgers and it was baaaaad.

Bugs Bunny (was that part of Looney Toons?)
Tom and Jerry
The Simpsons
Top Cat
The Flintstones

Yes, I’m an old git.

Revolutionary Girl Utena (duh!)
Powerpuff Girls
That Battletech show I saw on TCC years and years ago

Honourable mentions to GI Joe, Transformers, MASK, Dino Riders, He-Man et al, for the memories.

Revolutionary Girl Uterus? What the hell kind of cartoons are you Swedes watching?

Uh… did you just, of your own free will, make a statement that I could easily interpret as you asking me to elaborate on the topic of Revolutionary Girl Utena?

1 - Gatchaman (or ‘Battle of the Planets’ for those of you who may be more familiar with the ass-raped American version.)

2 - Thundercats

3 - Futurama

4 - The Simpsons

5 - The Family Guy

Robotech, for what Woolen Horde stated above and for the fact that in 1985 I was lucky to see this series in any form.

The Simpsons and Futurama, no shows skewers pop culture better than these two.

Looney Tunes shorts and Animaniacs. The classics and the best modern attempt at recreating them. DAFFY DUCK RULES ALL!

Starblazers, I never got to see an entire season thanks to life as a military brat, but wow, what great fun this show was back in the late 70s.

Honorable mentions to Star Trek (I was a Trekker and took what I could get) Batman: The Animated Series (1st season was so much different than everything else at the time) and the Flintstones.

My guilty pleasure is, wait for it…

Alf the Animated series. :oops: Don’t ask why but I thought it was a real good show at the time, certainly better than the “real” series. Hell, even the opening theme song was good.

[size=1]Please be gentle at that last admission…[/size]

You bastards…

  1. The Tick
  2. Gargoyles
  3. Exo-Squad
  4. Clone High
  5. Scooby Doo (anything pre-Scrappy)

Damn, I nedd more slots!

  1. Home Movies
  2. Simpsons
  3. Futurama
  4. Dr. Katz
  5. Dexter’s Laboratory

THAT’S a list.

This is going to sound ridiculously stupid, but the cartoon that’s impressed me the most was Teddy Ruxpin.

No, you’re right - that was an great cartoon. It had a cool ‘we’re going on an adventure’ vibe and it had a pretty dramatic and involving story for a show that was pitched mainly at kids. I also liked how they gave their audience some goddamn credit by actually making the story progress instead of having it as a set of barely-related events featuring the same scenario and characters.

I’d be way too fucking embarrassed to put it on my top five, so I’m glad somebody else did.

The old ones where they were trying to kill each other. Not the later oens where they were palsy-walsy.


  1. Gargoyles

OR THIS!!! :cry:

Dammit, this list needs to be top 25, maybe 30 cartoons EVAR.

The Gatchaman series in the US was way tuned down.

What Balut said. I think I was in denial that it could ever have been cancelled, or infuriated that it’s not on DVD.

My list has been summarily revised. :)

Pinky & the Brain
Dexter’s Laboratory


  1. Gargoyles

OR THIS!!! :cry:

Dammit, this list needs to be top 25, maybe 30 cartoons EVAR.[/quote]

Yeah, I didn’t have room for Freakazoid, Pinky and the Brain, Mission Hill, Clerks, Gary and Mike, Batman the Animated Series, Superman (by the Batman guys) and I completely disqualified Anime from my list.

  1. Invader Zim: Obey the fist! Why does Nickilodian(sp?) hate this show? Why won’t they at least put out a dvd set? Bastards.
  2. Simpsons: Hell, this could be the best show of all time.
  3. Futurama: Fox sux0rz!1!
  4. Family Guy: it tried way too hard, but that’s somehow preferable to not trying hard enough. Also, they toned down a lot in season 3, making the end* of the series a bit weak.
  5. The Tick: Spoon! Will never see a dvd release, unfortunately.
  • Not really the end, though. After the success of the dvd releases, they’re doing a direct to dvd Family Guy movie, and that looks like a possibility for Futurama as well.

Batman: The animated Series (best batman series/movie etc. IMHO)
Loony Toons in general
Spiderman series on Fox a few years ago
GI Joe (watched this show waay too much growing up)
Transformers (the new shows seem really lame…or I’ve actually grown up)

Of course for adult stuff:

Family Guy

Amen (although I see the post above me mentioned it now).

  1. Batman: The Animated Series. Easily the best Batman outside of a comic book, and the best cartoon.

  2. Animaniacs. I liked them a lot. United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru…

  3. The Simpsons. I think based on some old “introduce yourself” threads I determined I was one of the younger ones around here (22), so when I was growing up it was first “No you can’t watch Simpsons” and then “I don’t want your younger brother/sisters watching it so you can’t” around the house, so I didn’t really get to appreciate this till later on. By then it was in sindication, so it feels like I see the same 15 episodes or so over and over, so I guess I may not appreciate this show as much as people who watched it from the start.

  4. M.A.S.K. Oh yeah, this was the best cartoon from when I was “little.” I’ve still got the toys somewhere.

  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To look at it now, it’s ridiculous. I liked it a lot at the time though, and the episodes I’ve seen of the new series are pretty decent.

  1. Looney toons (all of em, but especially Yosemite Sam and Roadrunner)
  2. Batman (why is this on Kids TV? Put it on late at night when I can watch it ffs).
  3. Simpsons
  4. Futurama
  5. Animaniacs (is it peverse to want the lady who does the voice of Dot to talk dirty to me?.. hehe shes in animatrix and Baldurs Gate II, who’d have thought?)

Honourable mentions to Ren and Stimpy and I do remember M.A.S.K :eek: and Centurians, that one was cool.