Top 5 Wii games?

So I bought a Wii at Fry’s and I had to buy 5 games with it.

I wound up with Madden, Super Swing Golf, Rampage, Metal Slug Anthology and Need For Speed: Carbon. But the salesman said I could swap games out as long as I didn’t open them and still had 5.

I’ve opened Madden and Golf, but I am looking for advice on what to do about the other three games. Should I swap them? And for what? They didn’t have Excite Truck or Zelda yesterday, but they might as some point soon.

Yeah Zelda for sure I can tell you that much.

Damn though having to buy 5 games that sucks!

Need for Speed: Carbon has gotten tepid reviews. I’d swap it for Elebits or Rayman Raving Rabbids.

How’s Super Swing Golf?

Hell, I don’t think I’ve even played 5 Wii games yet, just Zelda and Excite Truck (and a few minutes with Elebits).

Besides the above games (which I enjoy) Trauma Center and Rayman Raving Rabbits are getting good reviews.

There more than 5 games for the Wii total? I had no idea.

Yup, there are like 30 titles or so in stores. And only 20 or so are licensed games.

Metal Slug’s worth keeping if you dig that series. I’d get Rayman and Zelda or wait for Excite Truck and get that and Zelda.

Yeah, I’m with Dave on his list. Mine would be, in order:

Excite Truck
Metal Slug
Rayman Raving Rabbids

I’ve enjoyed Excite Truck and Zelda. The difficulty level seems all over the place for Rayman. I rented SuperSwing Golf and am glad I didn’t purchase it. You could wait a few weeks for WarioWare, the latest trailer makes me very excited.

About metal slug, does it use traditional controls or are there any Wii specific controls?

You can play it quite easily with the normal controller. The “1” and “2” buttons are jump and shoot and you flick the controller to toss grenades.

The package is a good value for the quality emulation of the games, but no time was spent making the package cohesive. The menus are obtuse and poorly organized, it doesn’t use the wii pointer to navigate through the menus, and when you run out of credits on a limited credit game you’re only option (that I’ve discovered) is to exit that version of Metal Slug entirely and re-enter.

The games themselves are some of the best examples of 2D gaming; it’s a shame that all the connecting interface completely sucks.

It was very frustrating to start with, but I’ve slowly gotten marginally better at it, to the point where not all my shots hook viciously to the right.

I hate that it won’t let you putt left-handed. Inexcusable.

Madden drove me insane and I gave up on it for now.

Thanks for your help everyone, I’ll be keeping Metal Slug and returning NFS and Rampage.

How are people liking Super Smash Bros Melee?

The GameCube game? Uhh, it’s pretty fun if you have a lot of people. There are some seriously ravid fans for the game.

The Wii version will probably be released next Christmas in the console christmas season to end all Christmas seasons. The lead designer quit the company after Melee, but Nintendo hired him back to do the Wii version of Smash Bros.

Oh yeah I forgot the Wii was BC with the GC.

I’m so totally getting my hands on a wii. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Nintendo the jokes, they write themselves.

Huh. It was in the Wii section, I must not have looked closely enough.

Excite Truck FTW!

Once you get the hang of the steering, it really is a blast. Otherwise, I just play tennis, bowling and boxing, oh and golf and baseball.

This thing is FUN.

How is Rayman Raving Rabbids for making use of the Wii controls? I played it on the PS2 over the new year and loved it apart from the appalling RSI the PS controllers seem to give me so I’m hoping another tick on the “must buy a wii” list will be this making good use of the controls.

I believe it’s been said before, but Rayman Ravin Rabbids is almost worth purchasing for the wild west rail shooter game alone.

Nellie, in games where you have to build up power (e.g. scoring a goal in rabbit soccer, deliver the bomb, shoot the Superman bunny) you have to move around the nunchuck and the remote around wildly - as if you were hitting a drum with drumsticks frequently. In other games, the nunchuck is being used to initiate the action and the remote is being used to aim. For example, in the carrot juice minigame you have to move the nunchuk up and down fast in order to pump the juice, while you’re aiming with the remote. In the shooter games it works the same, except that the nunchuk is being used to reload and to use the grappling hook via z-Button. In the minigame where you have to hit the bunny heads with a hammer, you aim at the bunny and then move the nunchuk just like you would move a hammer frequently. The marble maze games work the way you expect them to - you tilt the remote to tilt the maze.

It works really great, and wouldn’t want to play it with a standard controller. Especially the rail-shooter parts, as Gary said.


Yeah, I’m pretty happy with Rayman. Those rail shooting portions are a blast. The game is one of the funnier ones I’ve played in the last few years too. It had me laughing out loud a bunch of times. I especially like the school-age bunnies singing Christmas Carols. One of them will act up and you have to smack him across the face to get him to stop. Zoom in on the wrong bunny and they’ll point at the perpetrator. Hilarious!