Top one reason to not let your kid watch the Discovery Channel

So I was watching Deadliest Catch the other day and my 2 year-old and 7 year-old were in there. One of the captains had injured his ribs and possibly punctured a lung and was coughing and spitting blood into a napkin. Pretty gross, but we continued to watch as he coughed and spat more, but did not show more blood. We talked about him being sick.

Yesterday, 2 days later, the wife was taking her to the park and from the back seat she hears ‘cough, cough’…‘cough, cough’ in her little 2-year old voice. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”, the wife asked. She replied, “I cough blood”.

Warning Angie and Matthew (and the rest of you with little 'uns): They. Hear. And. Absorb. All.

Oh yeah I hear you brother. Every time somebody gets a cut or scrape that bleeds, my boys start chanting “House! House! House! House!” So they compare real life trauma to this show on which that they get introduced to all kinds of disturbing images of injury and disease. I guess the positive way to look at it is that they don’t get freaked out by blood!

And maybe they’ll become narcotic abusing genius doctors, to boot!

You should try to get them to chant “Lupus!”


Well, yeah. I guess just have one of them cry Lupus and the other respond appropriately.

Blood is not funny.

Alternately, we were watching Croc Hunter a few days ago, now my 3 year old calls everything “…a naughty little bugger.”. :)

When my firstborn was playing soccer with her grandad and used a very appropiate “SHIT!” when he scored the ball past her, daddy was very proud of her vocabulary and precise grammar.

Now when the second is fond of “Fucking hell!” (well, our equivalent to that phrase" whenever we accidently pinches her a little when strapping her into the carseat, not so much.

Kids rule.

There are of course countless other reasons to grant your kids access to the Discovery Channel.

I know. Title really should have included “monitor your kids viewing habits”, but then, I did not think it would be taken literally.

That kids sucks. He has, like, one line – “Blood, it’s not funny.” – and he keeps checking the teleprompter.


They can’t be cute and smart.

Then I won’t need my Arthur!

And I thought it was Teen rated! Coughing blood? That might actually be worth $60.

Yeah, the spitting into the napkin and then the presentation to the camera was particularly pleasant.

Lies. They only absorb the stuff you don’t want them to remember.

I expected this thread about all the E.D. commercials they sprinkled between the shows on the Discovery-type channels. While watching an episode of Survivorman, I have had to explain what “erectile dysfunction” is to my 9yr old son, which didn’t go as well as I had hoped…
“It’s when your penis doesn’t work right, son.”
“So you can’t pee?”
“Something like that…”
“Oh, so what does that have to do with sexual activity?”
“It will make more sense when you are old…much older.”

You mean, like 12?