Top selling PC games

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NPD Techworld’s list of the top selling PC games for Aug. 24-30. TRON debuts at No. 2:

  1. Flight Simulator 2004 from Microsoft
  2. Tron 2.0 from Microsoft
  3. Sims Superstar from Electronic Arts
  4. Sims Deluxe from Electronic Arts
  5. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne from VU Games
  6. Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection from Microsoft
  7. Madden NFL 2004 from Electronic Arts
  8. Diablo 2 from Electronic Arts
  9. Star Wars Galaxies from LucasArts
  10. Sims Unleashed from Electronic Arts

Why is Diablo 2 still on the best selling lists ? And shock horror FS2004 is still No.1.

yay tron 2.0! glad that is doing well, it deserves to.

Why is EA listed as the publisher for Diablo 2? Maybe they cut the price for D2 and it’s getting a new sales spurt as a result.

Uh, last I checked, MS wasn’t the Tron 2.0 publisher either…

  • Alan

And is Microsoft publishing Tron 2.0? I thought Buena Vista was.

I think the buzz about the 1.10 patch is why Diablo 2 is selling at high levels again. I know several people (including my wife) who got excited about the prospect of a dupe/hack free ladder, went looking for their old cd, couldn’t find it, and bought a new copy.

Nice that Tron 2.0 is selling well. Even though it isn’t a great game, Monolith puts a lot of polish into their games, and they deserve the success.

Erickson is obviously a communist provocateur, planted here to goad the unsuspecting game playing masses of QT3 into some negative action. Tron 2.0 is a GREAT game. Two annoying jumping puzzles notwithstanding. I tell you, besides Odium and Sanity, Monolith kicks ass.

I think Blizzards had at least one game or expansion in the top ten every week since Diablo.

To be fair, Monolith was the publisher for Odium. It was developed by a polish developer called Metropolis

I liked BOTH Odium and Sanity. They were pretty solid. Sanity almost is like a precursor to Freedom Force imo.


Odium was one of the worst games I ever bought, even at £9.99 UKP. “Fallout Meets X-Com” said the back of the box. “No”, says Sam, “Res Evil meets the most horrible rip-off of Final Fantasy combat EVAR!”.

Odium wasn’t even worthy of having the words Fallout and X-Com printed on its box, let alone being seriously compared to them.

And Blood II, which was a complete catastrophy imho.

Shogo was kind of iffy - if you don’t like anime, I imagine you’d have a hard time getting into it. I liked the “huge robots blowing things up with abandon” part, but wasn’t so big on the “spiky-and-blue-haired heroes whose faces were 95% eye / 5% mouth” bit. The AI bugs didn’t exactly rock my world either.

I haven’t heard anyone definitively say Septerra’s Core was anything better than average.

Sanity was really cool, and since it’s available at super-low-even-by-budget-price-standards prices now (I got it for $1.99) I’d say why not check it out. I had weird performance problems in the menu, which made multiplayer annoying since you had to organize your “cards”. In that paticular menu screen my game suddenly plummeted to a framerate of maybe 2FPS, so it took about twenty minutes for me to just get PREPARED for an online match. Oh so frustrating. Other than that, I thought it played just fine. I do think that Ice-T is better at gangsta rap and directing porno movies about pimping than he is at voiceacting, but that’s the only other complaint I can come up with.

Let us briefly mourn the passing of the once-brilliant Blood franchise, brutally murdered by the most buggy and lackluster sequel imaginable. :cry:

Shogo? IFFY?! It was worth it just for the drunk missiles. FWOOSH GIANT ANIME SPEAD OF MISSILES ONLY 2 OF THE 30 WILL HIT!

Blood 2 was actually pretty fun and had some exceptional in-game lighting, mood, and music (for the time). It was hardly as awesome and “classic” as Blood 1 which was like one of the best build games of all time, but it was pretty damn cool.

And whoever badmouthed Shogo better watch for suspicious package in the mail. Just about the most fun and accessible to new players LAN game evar. Even a n00b could get serious frags in Shogo. Much fun.

What AI ? Shogo certainly didn’t have any.

To bad Tron will probably drop to the bottom of the top 10 next week and that will be it. What your seeing is the hardcore faithful buying the game in the first week. But I bet the average consumer could give a rats ass about Tron 2.0

To those who thinks that Odium (aka Gorky 17) and Septerra Core were created by Monolith. No, they’re not. Monolith was just their North American publisher/distributor. Odium is by Metropolis Software while Septerra Core is by Valkyrie Software, both, AFAIK, from Poland. So, technically, you can’t smack Monolith for creating these titles. And neither for the Rage of Mages series (by Nival Interactive).

Consider me a fanboi, but I think that Monolith is one of the best action game developer studios. They created a string of good/great games (including - YES! - Shogo and Sanity, which, despite some flaws, are well-written and ooze with style). Even the upcoming Contract J.A.C.K. will fail to ruin their reputation (but it will try to).

Man, how could an expansion pack to the unmitigated triumph of FPS design No One Lives Forever 2 possibly “try” to ruin Monolith’s now great reputation for quality FPS titles? If it has a tenth as much style and class as NOLF2, it will be better than most shooters out there.