Top Shot All Stars

Just in case any fans don’t have their DVRs set, a new season of Top Shot started two weeks ago.

I’m not sure if the format change is just for the All Stars season but folks will be happy to know that they’ve done away with teams and voting. The bottom X number of players are eligible for elimination each week and are sent to the proving ground where they get a single shot at a bulls-eye with a given gun. The two furthest from center have to face off in the elimination challenge.

The skill level has been pretty consistently high through two episodes. Good stuff.

I’ve always enjoyed Top Shot, I’ll have to see if it’s up on demand.

Must be the same bullshit for why my wife missed the Dancing premiere a while back - they add All Stars to the name and my cable company DVR doesn’t pick it up.

Fortunately both episodes are up on the website. I vaguely remember they don’t last forever.