Top Spin

This caught my eye in the other thread.

Can we get some elaboration on this? VT is probably the best multiplayer sports games ever.

– Xaroc

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Couple reviews seem to label it as Virtua Tennis 3. Excellent play control, beefy online options, create-a-character, lots of unlockables, and a satisfying single player career mode.

Seems to be yet another reason Xbox separates itself from a PC. :p

I personally like VT better in terms of gameplay/controls. Still, Top Spin is quite enjoyable as well and it has multiplayer online support going for it.

I love Virtua Tennis but agree that Top Spin is an excellent game and an assett for Xbox and the Xbox Sports Network. How is it better? VT is simpler, more “pick up and play” but Top Spin has some better/deeper control options and I really like the over-the-shoulder camera option.

Is it me or is Top Spin not out until next week?

Is everyone a reviewer?

Can you play four player? ave you tried it four player?

– Xaroc

Yes you can. And no I haven’t.
I have two kids and no time for friends. Wanna come over Xaroc? Bring two of your friends? I have D&D Heroes here too…

The real question, and I have no answer for this one, is whether or not you can play four player on Live. It would be great to team up against another two-some.

I ask because we game here at the office during lunch and want to play VT but no one has bothered to bring in their DC yet. Since we have an Xbox already Top Spin might be a good substitute that doesn’t require anyone to bring in hardware.

The real question, and I have no answer for this one, is whether or not you can play four player on Live. It would be great to team up against another two-some.

I agree. I am getting closer to taking the Xbox Live! plunge pending a few tests with my modchip disabled.

– Xaroc

No… really… come over… please. I’m so lonely. :)

“It’s 813 miles to Wisconsin, we have a full tank of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses… HIT IT.”

Apologies to the Blues Brothers.

– Xaroc

813 miles? You must be from the Maryland panhandle or something…

Annapolis to Milwaukee 813 miles according to MapQuest.

– Xaroc

I have no concept of spatial relationships. I think a part of my brain still thinks Wisconsin is halfway between New York and Seattle.

Ok now that Bub and I have completely derailed this thread, is Jason Cross around to elaborate on his better than VT comments?!

– Xaroc

What? You’re too lazy to drive over here and see for yourself? It’s only 813 freaking miles you know!!

Mostly, yeah. It’s just that some of us get paid for it. Oh, is that not what you were asking?

I would call it Virtua Tennis 3, sure. The controls are roughly comperable, in my eyes, with one added layer of depth: using the triggers for “risk shots.” A little meter comes up, and if you let go of the trigger while the meter is in the green middle part, you make one hell of a shot and it’s real tough for the opponent to hit it. Miss, and you might hit it out of bounds or hit a really easy shot. Sounds simple, and it is, but it’s not EASY.

There’s also this “ITZ” meter up top (for “in the zone”), and when it’s full you play a little better and, more importantly, the risk shot meter goes more slowly with a larger sweet spot.

Career mode is cool, with you flying to different continents and playing in various tournaments and the like. You earn money and can spend it on equipment, cosmetic stuff, etc. You play training lessons to improve certain skills.

Really good create-a-player mode. There’s just an absurd number of options to change the way your face and body looks.

I played a bit of a late beta / early release candidate, and love it. I’m waiting for the final boxed version to really dig into it.

There’s only one small snag that I found, and maybe it’s just that I don’t have the manual. But you can’t save in the middle of a tournament and continue it later. That really sucks, because tournaments are pretty long, and if you gotta do something and turn off your Xbox, you either forfeit the tourney and lose or you play for another 15-20 minutes or more to finish it off.

I don’t mean you can’t quit in the middle of a GAME…I mean you have to finish off the whole tournament: quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

Like I said, there may be a way to do that, but I don’t know it yet. If there is, it sure isn’t obvious.