Top Ten Handhelds that Never Made it

I really wanted a Lynx and a Game Gear, didn’t have the moola when was a kid. They had better screens in some ways then the GBA and that was how many years ago?

I kinda wanted a Lynx, but very few of the games interested me. I did manage to scrape together enough for a gamegear. That was pretty sweet, especially with the TV tuner I picked up in Hong Kong. It was hell on batteries (until I got the coke-can sized rechargeable battery pack)

What I really wanted (and still do) is the Turbografx Xpress. But it was faaaaaar too expensive. But what a great piece of hardware - total compatibility with the main system? Aww yeah

The Nomad is still worth picking up.

The NGPC is so awesome.

Maybe, but I’d say the headache-inducing blurriness pretty much nullified any advantages. Not that the original GB was any better in that regard.

Heh, I still own my Game Gear and Lynx. I’m lame, I know…

I loved my nomad. I wonder if my parents still have it laying around somewhere…

I’ll second that emotion.

In no way did the Lynx or Game Gear have better screens than the GBA. Unless you mean the original GBA and it’s holy-shit-I-can’t-see-anything unlit wonder.

Yeah, I had both a Lynx (Gauntlet 3, woot!) and Game Gear - the GBA screen is definitely better than they ever were.

Yes, I was refering to the original and not the SP. They knew back then they needed a light and Nintendo left it out.

How many games were there for the NGPC?

Around 35. They’re not kidding when they say it has a great good-bad game ratio, though.

I believe SNK Playmore is actually releasing a new game to celebrate something-or-other. I think it’s a King of Fighters.

Do you know of any sites that list the games available?

Sadly this report and your posts have intrigued me about collecting old handhelds. I need a cheaper hobby.


Yes, I was refering to the original and not the SP. They knew back then they needed a light and Nintendo knew better, but left it out.

Um, all of those units with their lit screens sucked up batteries like crazy. I remember the Nomad going through like 8 batteries in a day. The technology (at an affordable price) just wasn’t there for them yet. In fact, I’d be slightly surprised if the technology was affordable for them when the GBA was being designed (it was released in 2001). After all, PDAs have only recently gotten affordable rechargable batteries with long-living back-lit screens… and they cost about two or three hundred dollars more than a GBASP.

I don’t care about your little fag fight with Dave Long, but just so you know, your constant onanism on the inanimate bellies of day-glo electronic devices just basically robs you of any credibility in any other discussion whatsoever.

I love my NGPC - I still play Card Fighter’s Clash. What a great game. Man, I wish it would come to GBA. Also, as a kid, I had a turbo express - great handheld, same power as the home system - but BOY did it eat batteries. Ate eight batteries in two hours.

Particular highlights for me on Neo Geo Pocket Color were, as someone else mentioned, SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters, which is superduper addictive, and also Biomotor Unitron, an incredibly simple, but also extremely fun dungeon-hacking style RPG where you build up robot parts for your characters. I know Faselei is meant to be excellent, too, but a bit more difficult to get hold of.

A lot of EB/GameStop stores (I think?) still have those Neo Geo Pocket Color bundles with packed-in games - look behind the counter.

…has some good mini-reviews.

Yeah, I really liked biomotor unitron. One of the first games I bought, after the requisite Card Fighter’s Clash.