Top ten reasons to never buy a diamond


  1. You’ve Been Psychologically Conditioned To Want a Diamond
  2. Diamonds are Priced Well Above Their Value
  3. Diamonds Have No Resale or Investment Value
  4. Diamond Miners are Disproportionately Exposed to HIV/AIDS

It’s always convenient when doing the right thing saves you money. :)

  1. She wants one, Dummy.

So, if I buy a diamond, I am cauing someone to die of AIDs? Wow, talk about a serious guilt trip…

Who would want to resell a diamond? And yeah, they are overpriced, but that’s the point. The woman gets to know how much you love her by how much you spend on her. I’ve also been psychologically conditioned to want money, and it’s priced well above its value.

Interesting article though…

Tell her to wake up and grow some world ethic. The only diamonds I would buy are Canadian or Gemesis style created, otherwise you have no idea how much blood was spilled to get your little sparkly piece of carbon.

Again, part of proving you love her…

You guys will never be happily married.

You’re full of shit. I have been in a loving partnership for a decade now. The idea that proving your love has anything to do with spending money is so mind numbingly retarded that I wouldn’t want to touch such a woman with a ten foot pole. If she wants a little gem soaked in so much blood, she can go right to hell.

I should include “and dig it out herself if she can get too it before some hobbled African slave-child does first”

Holy retarded overgeneralizations, batman. My wife told ME she didn’t want a diamond before I could even tell her why I was morally opposed to the practices of the mining. I guess our marriage has been a miserable, loveless sham - thanks for letting me know that I don’t love her, since I didn’t buy her a diamond, and that I’m not happy, because I agree with Jason and Euri.

Jesus, does your wife really think that the amount of money you spend on her equals your love for her? If so, run, Robert, run - as far and as fast as you can. Holy shit, man. I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger, but…

Ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…

But she aint messin wit no broke…

well you know the rest.

I bought a diamond for my ex wife… thats the last time I ever do that. Thats 3k I wont be seeing back.

God we need the smilies back.

My favorite is the Life Diamond (aka the Death Gem). What your family needs to have is like a mantlepiece Death Gem collection; see, this one is old uncle Albert! That one over there, the dirty one, is my great grand father Lewis the Blacksmith, ect…

But what’s wierd about precious gems is that manufactured gems are actually of better quality (fewer flaws), and cheaper to boot. They’ve gone quite far beyond the days of cubic zirconia. To me it makes more sense to make her a real kick ass giant monarchy-worthy necklaces et al with tons of synthetic gems and real gold, then to drop 20k for a ring with only one diamond.

I didn’t see “because the bitch doesn’t really mean the things that she says, and she’s going to be leaving you pretty goddamn soon for the rich guy” on the list. Maybe that’s just the bitter in me talking, though.

edit: yeah, definitely some bitterness; ignore me.

What I love is that you weren’t initially sure if that was bitterness or not.

Well I can be as morally opposed to mining and the blood and profiteering it takes to do it, but if your wife wanted it and to her at least it meant more than a simple gemstone, or “my man loves me this much” trophy, most men don’t get to decide.

However, I have found I don’t get to decide why she would be hurt if I didn’t buy her the biggest diamond I could afford to show her that I would commit my life to DEBT in order to keep her as mine. It would have been great if she was one of these cool, ultra-cheap, enlightened women. I must have not been picky enough, and she was a victim of the “Perfect Wedding” upbringing. Is that becoming more rare these days?

But I agree. Don’t buy diamonds unless you have to, having an ace-in-the-hole excuse like HIV would be gold for any single guy out there testing out the waters.

I was half expecting to see Kanye referenced at the bottom of that guy’s list.

Wow. Don’t forget to punch her in the face and throw her under a flaming gas tanker.

Put this way: she wants you to save up and buy her something nice, overpriced, and utterly without all but intrinsic merit outside of a minerologist’s lecture hall. That’s makes her feel loved, wanted, appreciated.

You, on the other hand, want all those things too. Except you want to feel all those things by sticking your dick in her mouth.

So, who’s coming out ahead HAHAHAHA GETIT?

Where’s DrDel’s input on this? We can’t have a thread about diamonds without him telling us once more about how love means nothing unless you get your woman a $25,000 engagement ring.

Let me repeat this:

Any woman that feels this way is an idiot. I have absolutely no respect for anyone that assigns love a monetary value. I will also tell you this, I have never seen a healthy relationship based upon this principle, and I probably never will. Good, long lasting relationships are based upon love, mutual respect, friendship and attentiveness. Any bitch that requires an overpriced blood soaked murder gem for proof of love is a woman I want nothing to do with, either in a relationship or in any other capacity.

But why would you deny her the glory that is you, Euri? You’re so…fun, and all.