Top XBox Games

I recently got an XBox and am wondering what games you all would recommend? I already have KotOR.

Halo, ,


that’s the only absolutely essential. Decent ones that I’ve played are:

Crimson Skies, Otogi, Brute Force, Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance (there’s a sequel now, which is apparently more of the same but zippyzipzipzappier) SWON, Battle Engine Aquila, Jetset Radio Future…

Not a huge crop. The GTA3 double pack is great if you haven’t already played them to death, and there are a few good racing games.

Stuff I have liked a lot aside from KOTOR on my Xbox:

Splinter Cell
Ninja Gaiden


Top Spin
Project Gotham Racing 2

Those two are easily the ones that get most usage at my place, now that KotOR is done.

BG:DA is awesome as a co-op game.

The Tiger Woods 2004 golf game is apparently good as well.

Beyond Good and Evil is a great multiplatform game that’s best on XBox.

GTA double pack is essential if you don’t have those games.

I liked Crimson Skies, except for the stupid loadtimes (~30 seconds from the title screen to the hangar - where all you do is select your plane - then ~30 seconds from the hangar to the game).

Jet Set Radio Future was really fun. It looks like it plays like Tony Hawk or whatever, but it’s really more of a platformer.

Ninja Gaiden
Gunvalkyrie (maybe, it’s a love it or hate it thing)
MGS2 if you don’t have a PS2
Splinter Cell
Deathrow (!)
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Beyond Good and Evil
Prince of Persia

tons more…

Ninja Gaiden
Panzer Dragoon Orta

My favorites have been:

Splinter Cell
Prince of Persia
GTA Double Pack
ESPN 2004 Football
Hitman 2

My limited experience with Crimson Skies has been a mixed bag. The controls feel way too sensitive, your situation awareness is poor (very small field of view), and the voice acting is weak. That being said, the concept is very cool, and the graphics and sound are top notch. I’ll have to give it some more time but I’m underwhelmed so far.

Beyond Good & Evil is actually best on the PC, especially if you have a decent controller. But really the differences are marginal so it’s actually best on whatever system you prefer to play it on (that isn’t the PS2).

Top Spin is great. Buy a few books to read during load times.

Ghost Recon can easily eat up a few hundred hours between all of the unlockables and online play. If the graphics don’t put you off and you haven’t already played the PC version I’d highly recommend it.

And of course you’ll need Steel Battalion and Line of Contact.

Oooh, thanks for the thread. I just bought my xbox a couple of months ago and I’m still figuring out what the best games are. I love that I can get most of these games for less that $20. Of course I have to put up with people giving me funny looks when I talk about how much fun I’m having with these 2-year-old games.

BG:DA is awesome as a co-op game.

Um, what is that?

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance.

If you have Live, you must get Rainbow 6.

Panzer Dragoon Orta

(the last two should not be picked if you don’t like the controller)

  1. Ninja Gaiden
  2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  3. Halo
  4. Beyond Good & Evil
  5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  6. Top Spin
  7. Project Gotham Racing 2
  8. Jet Set Radio Future
  9. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
  10. Soulcalibur 2
  11. Panzer Dragoon Orta
  12. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
  13. Otogi 2
  14. Shenmue 2
  15. Rallisport Challenge

I wonder if I’m the only person with an Xbox who hasn’t played Halo. I’ll have to borrow it from a friend sometime. I got my Xbox for KOTOR because I was too impatient to wait for the PC version. KOTOR was so good, I didn’t regret the decision. Since then I’ve purchase most of my multi-platform games for it like Soul Calibur 2, SSX3, and Bond: Everything or Nothing. The later are good if you like those genres. I think Ninja Gaiden is great. If you can afford it and like mech sims, Steel Battalion with SB: LOC is unbelieveable. I can’t believe it got made.

Yeah, without question, you’ll be needing Steel Battalion and Line of Contact.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact
Ninja Gaiden
NBA Street vol2 <— if you like basketball, GET THIS
Prince of Persia
Soul Calibur 2

I think you can still get a Prince of Persia+Splinter Cell pack in deal for $49.95 at Target, which are two of the best games for the system. I can also vouch for Ninja Gaiden, which is a fucking hard game in addition to being fantastic. The only other games I own for it are Madden 2004, DOA3 and Halo, all good.

You can even run the fairly terrific WinKawaks EMU for the xbox, called Kawa-X, for arcade-perfect translations of CPS (think “Capcom Vs” series) and Neo Geo arcade games(METAL MOTHERFUCKIN’ SLUG!), all on the xbox pad.