FUCK YOU Commando isn’t gay.

Oooh, so butch!

Much like Ted Haggard, it is completely heterosexual.

Victor Davis Hanson (no relation to the famous Vic Davis, me) is an excellent classicist, writer, speaker and political commentator. He penned a nice little preview on “300” here:


It’s worth the read.

I’d imagine that’s not a requirement of historical accounts. :P

Great…I was gonna surprise the woman with tickets to the IMAX opening and then I find out that our Seattle Center Imax isn’t on the list to show this…first Compusa leaving and now no 300 on IMAX…Seattle sucks.

So is this whole movie digitized/cartoonized like Sin City?

Okay, I see it’s Frank Miller…will just his stuff be cartoonized?
SciFi network’s been showing movies with these cheesy effects and I just can’t take it.


Where’s balut when you need him?

Yes, with dialog this straight, who needs gay:

“Put the knife in me and look me in the eye…
and see what’s going on in there when you turn it.”

“It’s between you and me. Don’t deprive yourself of some pleasure.”

“I can beat you. I don’t need the girl!”

“John, I’m not going to shoot you between the eyes. I’m going to shoot you between the balls!”

And all delivered in a manly chain-mail weskit.

cmon Bennet - lets pawty!

seriously bummed though that the “local” IMAX isnt going to have 300 - lame

Tried to buy the graphic novel today(since the movie will only arrive here in 2 months). It was £9.99 yesterday on Amazon.UK , today it’s £16.99.

WTF!!! :|

Which Thermopylae wasn’t.

It was a deliberate move designed to buy time. It succeeded. Athens was successfully evacuated and the Athenian fleet was ready for combat, which resulted in Salamis, which ended Persian attempts at conquering Greece.

Thermopylae was 300 guys making fundamentally the same decision as any of those soldiers in Iraq who’ve thrown themselves on grenades to save their buddies.

I was overstating the case, of course (this isn’t Custer’s Last Stand) but the whole operation was a mess. The Spartans (who had some final help from almost a thousand Thespians, btw) were supposed to be holding the pass with a larger Greek army and many didn’t come. Leonidas started with 5000 men and dismissed most of them - if he was defending anything it was the retreat of these men.

It was not intended to cover the evacuation of Athens, since the evacuation hadn’t been planned yet. It was intended to allow the Athenian fleet to meet the Persians at Artemisium on more favorable strategic terms - Themistocles thought the whole idea of a land battle completely unnecessary. It was the defeat at Thermopylae and draw at Artemisium that led to the evacuation; it wasn’t organized until these events had come to pass.

Hans Delbruck makes a compelling case that as heroic as the stand was, and as important as it was as a morale booster, it was a wash strategically. It fits well into Spartan ideology of blood sacrifice in battle, but doesn’t make a lot of sense into larger conceptions of strategy. Standard operating procedure at the time seems to be not defending a pass, but assaulting the army as it comes through it.

Like Delbruck, I’m torn on the importance of Thermopylae because it didn’t seem to have huge strategic consequences but it was certainly one of those glorious deaths that Homer keeps going on about. This was defeat as an offering as much as anything.

“The critics say that Leonidas should have withdrawn. One this is certain - the critics would have withdrawn.”


True. But who would want to watch a movie about that?

I was just quoting Delbruck, not making a pitch to Hollywood.

However, if Whitta wants to work up a script where too-confident military historians are transported back in time to “fix” the mistakes of the past, I’d see it.


pffft… yeah, like a bunch of goddamned actors helped much.

Winner = Moore

They played dead quite well.

I always thought it was the withdrawl of Xerxes that proceeded the collapse of the Persian armies.

If I start a thread about some random WWII movie, what are the odds that it will turn into a detailed history lesson about what happened there within 20 posts?

I know an easy way to find out.