Torchlight 2 gets a few new friends

Title Torchlight 2 gets a few new friends
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When April 1, 2013

Runic Games updated Torchlight 2 with the long-awaited editor, Steam Workshop integration, new monsters, items, and areas. They also added a few new pets to keep your adventurer company in the dungeon depths..

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I'm holding out for a My Little Pony pet. Friendship is, after all, magic.

Ah dang it. Now I gotta start all over with a new pet.

Well played, Runic. Well played.

Let's hope it hasn't been de-beaked.

There is a mod that will let you change your pet. It hasn't been updated to include these new pets yet, but probably will be within the next week or two.

Hey, GUTS is released, go out there and mod your own Pony pet. Runic will never get those rights anyway...

ah, excellent. I'll keep an eye out for it. thanks!