Torchlight 2 Release Thread

New thread to fix the broken pages in the other thread. I guess the spammers really liked Torchlight 2!

Now what are these classes all about?

Just curious, what causes those broken pages?

Anyway, I’m so happy that it sounds like all my problems with the beta have been addressed. Can’t wait to check this out. Thanks to Travis for telling the truth, not that I had any reason to believe he was lying :-)

Looks like it’s doing very well for Runic too - it’ll be interesting to see how TL2 and BL2 fare head-to-head as both expand to global releases and throughout the weekend!

Thanks for the fix re getting stuck in the scenery, Started LAN and was back in town. Also going back to the location I got all my goodies I couldn’t reach as I was killing a couple of elite monsters.

I’ll be interested in seeing this play out as well.

Going to try some co-op tonight with my wife, who will undoubtedly play as an Outlander. I’ll try an embermage or engineer - not sure what will work best yet.

Deleting posts. They don’t get removed from the thread post count (or the database, I guess; I don’t know much about forum software).

I am playing an engineer, he feels very slow at the moment, everything seems to happen slowly which takes a bit of getting used to.

Really enjoy the look of the game and never had so much loot drop even stuff way above my level which is a bit weird.

Level 7 so far and definitely an improvement over the first.

This is true and the fix has to be performed manually.

It doesn’t actually break anything. You just get a phantom page at the end.

I’ll repost my question from the other thread in here, because even though it’s a somewhat nebulous question, I really am curious to hear people’s thoughts.

So how is the all-important feel of Torchlight II?

Diablo III (sorry) was a flawed game (due primarily to a lack of interesting item affixes) but it absolutely nailed the feel of combat. Smashing enemies with hammer of the ancients and watching them go flying while the screen shakes, sending enemies and the environment flying back with wave of force, the way that destructible objects break realistically according to the amount of force applied, everything relating to combat felt great in Diablo III. It’s the reason I played that game for 250 hours.

When I tried the Torchlight II beta back in early May, I recall being disappointed by the feel of combat. Things just didn’t feel as punchy as they did in Diablo. Given that everything else in the game is ancillary to me, I’m really curious to hear some impressions.

Man, I am all about the passive talents.

Just like in real life.

I’m playing Engineer as a ranged tank. Yeah, that’s right. I shoot mans in huge numbers with my hand held cannon, but when they finally get to me, rather than finding a squishy caster type, they find I’m dead 'ard.

Absolutely loving it so far.

It breaks my soul.

Hmm, I think I’d better try all of them out first then.

Yeah, that worked for me as well.

Note to self: if scenery looks like I might get stuck in it, I should stay away.

I was in the minority and didn’t like Torchlight. I played a Destroyer, which is your basic fighter class on Hard difficulty. After getting established (a couple hours) the game was very easy and didn’t really require any strategy or thought. I could just rush in and click-click-click. I kept waiting for it to get interesting and it never really did for me. About 25% of the way in I never really found much loot that was better than what I had. I wasn’t motivated to try a harder difficulty to see if that made the game better. Is this a game where if you didn’t like the first one you probably won’t like Torchlight 2?

Steam Demo is up, so you should be able to give it a whirl and see!

Weird - I could have sworn the automap has moved now? Its almost in the middle to the lower left of the screen now? Anyone who can see any way to move it back?

Also - As an Embermage I can have two skills on RMB, but I cant figure out how to switch between them fast.

And wow the game is fun! I bought D3 and got bored quickly, but for some reason this just clicks with me!

M will cycle the automap’s location - there are 4 spots ( docked, center, left, right )

TAB will flip between those two banked right-click skills

Thanks a lot! Nice to know I wasn’t crazy ;-)

Edit: Oh, and the prismatic mage skill tree is awesome fun! Teleporting enemies away when they hit me? Thats brilliant!

I’d say combat feels plenty punchy! The sounds combined with things such as knockback and various visual effects all help to achieve this.