Torchlight 2 Release Thread

The MP out of sync as bad as it is a game breaking. I won’t be considering their next game since they don’t seem to be in a hurry to fix the problem.

Since this has been bumped…
Can anyone here recommend any major conversion mods that might make the game feel ‘fresh’ for a second playthrough?

For background: My girlfriend and I enjoyed the game a lot. We dabbled through act 2 with two classes (Outlander and Engineer), then restarted with Embermage and Berserker and beat the game. But after winning we couldn’t really get into a NG+ or finishing with the other characters because there’s just wasn’t enough variety with the enemies and environments. (They’re somewhat randomized I guess, but it seemed like most of the interesting areas were static so it didn’t matter much if the quest cave was in the south or west end of the desert).

I’ve been on the verge of uninstalling, but I keep thinking that I’ll find an excuse for playthrough #2.

I don’t remember all of this stuttering when I played for hours on end before. None of the Runic/Steam suggestions seem to be working. Does anyone remember running into that?

If I didn’t post about it, then it wasn’t a problem! I got frustrated with this forum search tool after one keyword (stutter) so you can look some more if you want.

Lot’s of problems after the last patch, no fixes, no real sign of caring from the company either.

It always seemed to me that company ran out of steam sometime during making Torchlight 2 in the first place, so I’m not surprised.

So I am finally back at this game after a 18 or so month it got lost in the backlog issue. :p
And I guess I am now about half way into act 3, overall still really fun. But a few things stand out more now than they did back at release when I was playing. There is maybe a bit too much junk loot, and I doubt I will ever get a full set of matching armor. Act 3 is really lovely looking with the swamps and spooky forest.

If I was going to wave a magic wand at this game I’d do 2 things.

  1. Cut leveling speed in half but cut the skill trees in half as well, i.e. 5 levels to max a skill, still retains the same power curve. Not enough oomph with a skill upgrade as it currently stands, and feels pretty uninspiring to level.

  2. Cut the drop rate in half, but double the set drop rate.

What a coincidence, I’ve also been playing this the last few days. Initially I really liked it but after getting to NG+ I pretty much stopped for the following reasons:

  1. combat is kinda janky. Attack speed is on the low side, most of the spells have weird aoe component that either goes out in branches, missing most of the mobs or it’s got small radius.

  2. enemy groups are small and dispersed. Imagine having to fight individual mobs in D3? TL2 thinks this is fun for some reason.

  3. Gaps between skill tiers are simply too big. Last tier needs character level 95-98+ for some skills and with some skills not being very useful until you get to tier 3, well…

  4. Every upgrade is really small, power curve is too flat. Same applies for skills and equipment. It’s like being slowly dripfed more power.

I’ve been playing it, too. And I’m also currently in Act 3 with my first character. But for me, it’s because I only bought it in a Steam sale last month. So far, I’m enjoying it greatly. But then, I haven’t played any other of the recent offerings in the genre. And also, I’m one of the weirdos who prefers Diablo I to II.

With regards to set items

You can transmute any two set items to get a random set item of the average of the two items’ level.

One of my favorite characters was so fast it didn’t always register the animation (until they patched it).

I liked the AoE branches off the attacks.

My nine-year-old was interested in trying out an ARPG, so I recently pointed her at Torchlight 2. She digs it, mostly because of the pet.

Berserker? Everything else seems super slow.

I started a new character, only this time I’m playing with mods and it’s 10x more fun.

Here are the ones I’m using:

The last one is a compilation of mods that my friend made so he could bypass the 10 mod limit the game has.

Load order:

I might need to try this game again. I completed it once as a Ice Magic Berzerker.

Well that got me started up again, those mods look like a lot of fun.

It appears that Torchlight 2 will be coming to consoles after all. Panic Button will be handling the porting. No specific platforms announced at this point.

If I ever try Torchlight 2 again, it will have to be a non-hardcore character. Me and my friends played it a lot at launch, only playing hardcore, but we never made it very far. I think Act 2 is as far as we ever got.

I just came here to post about Torchlight 2 coming to consoles and saw that I already posted about that and then subsequently completely forgot about it. :-|

September 3rd:

  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Switch

Nice - now I will have an ARPG to play between Diablo 3 seasons.