Torment: The sequel, or my tattoo pic is finally up!

I promised it months ago, so here’s a crappy pic of my pretty tattoo. It would have needed a bit more tweaking for brightness and contrast, but photoshop is not my forté. Anyhow, enjoy.

Wicked! Now rip it off to invoke its power and summon all the pain and suffering from your past incarnations upon your foes!

Now you just need to tattoo in a message to yourself on your back, and you’ll be on your way! And with “on your way” I mean “never have sex again”.

Dude, that one mole looks kinda… red.

Yes, I think I’ll tattoo in:

“Don’t trust the guy with an unhealthy interest in animated lesbians” :wink:

Either that or “Go to the gym and lift some weights so I can get some definition in these scrawny biceps.”


I thought Swedish people were very fit. Is that just Norwegians?


Gyms are boring. I train Judo, it keeps me fit enough.

Thanks! :D



Nice looking tattoo man. How long did it take?

Edit - And when you get the “what does that mean” question, how do you answer? :)

It was supposed to take two three-hour sessions but doing the hair took longer than expected, so I had to do an extra hour and a half session. 7 and 1/2 hours total. I’m very happy I wasn’t paying for it by the hour. :)

My answer to the eternal question depends, usually sorrow or angst, there’s no good translation for torment in Swedish, and it would probably sound a bit pretentious anyway.

That would be ABBA.