Does anyone have a good pic of the symbol of Torment from Planescape:Torment?

You know, the double-edged blade thing.

I thought I’d ask and save myself 30 hours of replaying the game, since my save games got lost when my old HDD died.

Here you go:

Great! Thanks.

Now all I have to do is scrounge up some money for the tattoo.

Are you going for just the blade design? I was going to have that done before I saw the “whole” picture (the crying shadow woman rune thing wrapped round) on that site, now I’m considering having that instead.

Luckily, I have a world class tattooist only a couple of miles from my home.

I was going for the straight blade design too, but the shadow woman design is damn good now that you mention it.

I’ll probably go with the woman, since it adds so much character to the image, but I’m not sure it’ll fit on my arm. If I’m going to go all-out over a game I might as well get it done as seen on TNO himself.

I’ll probably print some pics and look up prices and stuff tomorrow. And then I’ll have to wait a month or two for the money to have it made :(

It’s oddly comforting that I’m not the only one geeky enough to get this kind of tattoo. If you get it done I hope you let me know.

We had fans submit pictures of their newly-inked Neverwinter Nights eye symbol tattoos. Kinda cool, kinda odd. Granted, it’s a pretty cool icon, but yeah… heh

The pics on that site show that it sort of wraps round his arm, but I’d be more inclined to go for the compact design. I think it’s the art for the spell version of the “Rune O’ Torment” .

It’s oddly comforting that I’m not the only one geeky enough to get this kind of tattoo. If you get it done I hope you let me know.

Well, just take comfort in the fact that at least you’re getting a tattoo from the coolest game ever, and it was designed as a tattoo in the first place. Also, people have all sorts of shit inked onto them - the obligatory Celtic band round the arm, butterflies on the arse, the Sumerian symbol of Fertility on the labia, you name it.

It’s oddly comforting that I’m not the only one geeky enough to get this kind of tattoo. If you get it done I hope you let me know.

There’s a number of people who sent us pictures of various Torment tattoos they’d had done shortly after we shipped the game. I mean, if you appreciate the actual visual design of it enough to have yourself marked with it, that’s pretty cool. :)

DUDE! I…I love you! Where’s the sequel?

Last summer, I had the “The brave do not fear the grave” tattooed down the side of my face from my left eyebrow to my neck just beneath my ear. :) (Though its doubtful any of that game’s any designers post here. :() That’s the only gaming-related tattoo I’ve ever gotten though (if you’re wondering, the phrase takes up much less room in Japanese) and since I only go for temporary tattoos, I don’t suppose its quite the same. (I figure, once I grow old, I won’t like them anymore, so I never go for any permanent ones.)

You know that one really famous FPS from a few year’s ago (Quake, I think, I’m so not into FPS, so I wouldn’t know, but its the one with a three-pronged like logo on the front in red on black I think) but its a common one for Yakuza to wear a very, very similar tattoo? Yeah, don’t get that game’s logo as a tattoo, just warnin’ ya, don’t want to get mistaken for the wrong crowd. Or, maybe you do. :wink:


Yeah, but the shadow woman looks good wrapped around his arm. If I do it like that I’d want to fit the blade in there somewhere though (which he doesn’t actually have on his arm). Tough decision.

I like that it’s permanent. Of course, there’s no tolerance for mistakes and you better know what you want, but having something stick with you for life like that is pretty cool.

And Scott, I love the game, all of it. :) The visual style is great (otherwise I wouldn’t be putting it on my arm) but so is the rest of the game. Had cool graphics been the only thing you had going for you with Torment I’d never do this.

Now, where’s the bloody sequel. :wink:

So, do the runes on the woman have a meaning or are they just decoration?

In almost 20 years of gaming PS:T was my favourite all time game. Just thought I’d share. PS:T introduced me to the dnd Planescape setting, never heard of it before I played Torment.

Thanks! We loved making the game, especially as we realized at the time that we’d probably never have another opportunity to make something like it again. We were a great team, we all understood exactly what we wanted, and Chris provided a wonderful base of fiction to work everything else around.

Sorry, no sequel ever I’m afraid, for reasons mostly business-related and partly personal. While Torment made more cash than most people gave it credit, it wasn’t near what Icewind or of course BG brought in.

I might be wrong about this (I don’t work there anymore,) but I’m of the understanding that Interplay can’t even sell anything Planescape-related anymore as the result of some of their WOTC fallouts.

On the personal side of things, I don’t think any of us ever wanted to do another Torment, especially as the content was geared towards getting that story out in one shot. Even in a perfect world where we’d do another, we wouldn’t have continued the story of the Nameless One because it was done. I suppose we could have hacked something together involving him serving out his contract in the Blood War, but I think that would have been pretty artificial and besides the point; he already had his answers.

I would of been disappointed in a Torment 2 where TNO was the centre of attention. But something else planescapey from the same guys would of been nice :)

Scott, I just recently bought Planescape as part of a bundle deal at Best Buy. It was 10 bucks for that and, I think, Soul Reaver, or Sould Calibur, or somesuch game. I haven’t finished Torment yet, but really would like to compliment you and your team. So far I think it may be one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Another convert :)

And the black and White version of the crying woman torment symbol just became my new background on my computer desktop ;-)

I think it shows taste and restraint not to do a sequel, regardless of business-related reasons. As observed, TNO’s story was done, the themes resolved. If that hadn’t been the case, it wouldn’t have been such a standout game (to my tastes).

What I liked about the Planescape setting in Torment wasn’t so much the setting itself, but its distance from the standard post-Tolkien dwarves/elves/orcs cliches that make 99% of fantasy product such appalling hackwork. All I would want from a “sequel” to Torment would be a similar distance from those cliches, and a similar level of literariness, by which I mean interesting, human issues that arise genuinely from the plot instead of being shoehorned into a few hackneyed speeches here and there.

But, of course, the reason so many shitty fantasy paperbacks and repetitive fantasy CRPGs are sold is that fans want those cliches, over and over and over. So I’m just thankful that Torment was made at all.