Torn Stars - Massive New Mod for Independence War 2

Hey guys, just keeping y’all updated on the space sim front. An ambitious new mod has been released for Independence War 2. It was initially called Epic: Middle States, but is now called Torn Stars. This massive new 98 MB mod has a new cluster, completely free-form gameplay, and a ton of new stuff. I’ve been toying around with it, and it’s VERY impressive, so check it out if y’all still have I-War 2 sitting around somewhere. :) Enjoy!

Wish I did, and it’s not on the local auction site either, grr. I’ll get it just in case :)

Does it fix the fucking bizarre navigation map?

Was IW2 the one where you actually piloted a ship? Or the RTS where you commanded one?

Actually piloted.

I still need to play that one. Guess this is a good reason to go find it.

You know I picked this game up about 5 months ago in a bargain bin somewhere ($5 I think). I still haven’t loaded it though. Should I play the original game first, or should I start with the modded version?

“Set course for the Reems system, Mr. Holmes.”

“Aye aye, Captain Ramsey, er I mean, Captain North.”

I really liked the original I-War. All the hype about the 2nd one prior to release was that it was way better / easier to play. So I bought it day of release and… stopped after like 2 hours. I just remember the level design being terrible and the “you’re a coming-of-age teen now” to be some kind of awful attempt at appealing to a target demographic.

Something with better design and no annoying story might be just the ticket… I wonder if I still have my copy laying around somewhere.

In which way can one big empty space be any better than another big empty space?

In which way can one big empty space be any better than another big empty space?[/quote]

Perhaps he meant “mission design.”

Yeah, I know that, but the idea of complaining about level design in a space sim, taken at the semantic level, tickled me.

Torn Stars: Debbie does Deneb?

How well does Iwar2 run on XP?

Runs like a champ for me…

And some of you people are sick…;)

Brian, what does the mod actually play like? Is there still random traffic at Lagrange points, for instance? How much of it is still Iwar2, basically.

From my limited amount of play-time, it seems like I-War 2 with less (or no) story and more open-ended elements. I’ve not yet travelled to a LP yet (i’ve just been flying around from station to station a bit) so I can’t tell ya if the random traffic is still there. I’ll probably have time to play it later this week and then get back to you.

I-War 2 missions were fantastic! The early ones, I don’t recall, but I recall some stand-out brilliant ones that were really interesting, moved the story along, and were fun to play…

You might want to try to make it out of the intro missions before you make overall statements like that. Your coming of age teen story is pretty much the tutorial and ends after about 3 missions.

I keep thinking this thread says “porn stars.” I got to click the link and then I realize it says “torn stars” and I am dissapointed.

That’s all.