Tornado outside our house!

holy whit

Save the frogs!

This is no time to be thinking about Gary Whitta! Lock yourself in the basement.

Uh, dude, you’re downstairs, right?

They’ve been sounding the emergency broadcast tornado warnings on TV every few minutes here – tornado map shows a pair of 'em in your neck the woods. Looks like I’m safely to the SW.

Holy fuck – see the lower of the two <!> on this map?

That’s almost exactly where Jeff’s house is.

That stuff rolled through here earlier. We had to hunker down in the basement for 30 minutes. The tornado was within a few miles of my house.

At least here in Seattle we only have shaking earth no funnel wind storms. Good luck people!

Yes, but we do have jaywalkers. They’re like punch-inducing tornados!

(Stay safe, Jeff.)

Will it rain frops…?

Hang on to something!

It’s happening

According to this report, sounds like nothing actually touched down. Hopefully.

Hope you are okay jpinard. That fucking candle I lit for you in Notre Dame better still be lighted.

What the hell are you talking about?

I think jellyfish must have taken some serious meds before that post.

We don’t serve frogs here.

Well that was interesting.

I tried to take some video of the churning sky/torndao forming but it was too dark for my camera and the interesting stuff happened during the downpour and our deck faced the wrong direction (the only place I could take video from inside).

Video 1:
No wind, no rain, perfect calm even though storm’s on top of us. Weird.

Video 2:
Neighbor points out the funnel cloud formation before his wife makes him come back inside:
I sound like a moron so I muted the worst parts of me going “Oh my gosh!”… ie. most of the sound in the video.

Video 3:
I stopped shooting when I saw the rain swooping up and realized I hadn’t unplugged any of my electronics. By the time I got back the whirlwind effect was over.

Poor kids next door were terrified beyond belief.


This is what I was trying to film (not my picture):


I’m jealous. I love that kind of stuff. You know, aside from the destruction part. But yeah, jealous.

Spend a summer in Oklahoma…I’ve had so many tornadoes within a few miles of me in my life that they don’t even phase me anymore. I usually stand on the porch and watch for them.

Glad you’re okay though Jeff. I don’t freak out about 'em or anything, but I know that they can cause some damage.