Toronto International Film Festival 2012

Well, I think I may have missed writing about TIFF the last year or two, but if you look back through the forums I’ve spent some time talking about the movies I’ve seen at the festival.

Technically we are only at Day 8 (with Saturday and Sunday still to go) and while I’ve only managed to see a handful of films I wanted to share a couple of things.

First, and I know this is maybe a little against the rules, but I wrote some reviews for a site (full disclosure: my site) The Same Page here:

I’m hoping to get a few more up on Monday.

AND, as an added bonus, I actually appeared on Global TV’s The Morning Show this morning in Toronto to talk about some of the films I saw! Check it out:

Really happy this worked out and I hope some of you guys maybe have some TIFF stories to share (is Desslock still out there?).

You didn’t catch Place Beyond the Pines yet did you? I hear it’s great.

How would you rate it? Would you give it three out of five, two out of five? Quit dodging the question! :)


Schenectady Ny where it was filmed is an unfushed toilet of a city.

I always forget to fush the toilet.

Didn’t get a chance to see the Place Beyond the Pines, though I really wanted to. I read some mixed reviews of it, but we’ll see.

Anyway, final batch of reviews can be found here, if anyone is interested:

Just pretend I posted these comments directly in the forum (which I have done in the past).