Toronto Post Apocolyptic Freezing Weather Power Outage

I am in Toronto for Xmas and it was certainly a mistake.

My house is near 0 degrees, all water turned off to prevent frozen pipes.

Other houses in my subdivision are abandoned due to the power not returning for a few more days.

Security system not working. Looters dream. Spent yesterday with homeless at a red cross warming station.

Food in fridge all damaged.

This is the end of the world.

Security is more important than food. Currently found a plug to recharge phone at a grocery store… all warm food has beenbought.

Can’t believe this is happening in a first world country.

The infrastructure of this city is poor… they had a black out in summer of 2003… thought Toronto would have learned from that.

Depressing Christmas I will never forget.

Good job Rob Ford! Stay warm man. Maybe a bunch of you can go over to the mayor’s house.

Hm, sounds like the Montreal area '98 ice storm, except much less bad, when a few days of freezing rain brought down the huge power pylons. My family was out of power for three weeks (and that was short compared to some cases)… and the temperature plunged to minus 10-15 right after the storm and held for weeks. We moved in with my god parents who had a wood fireplace in the basement for heat. I don’t remember what we ate, but it wasn’t much, all supplies had been bought up in the first few days. Water was still running, but it was all freezing, of course. I went skating in the park across the street, over hills and bumps both, everything was covered in a deadly sheet that brought down branches on cars and people’s heads. The army was brought in and guards with shotguns watched the supermarkets. But the overarching story was about how neighbors helped neighbors and friends banded together to help their fellow man, with the few exceptions of some old folk regretably succumbing to the cold.

Sucks to be you right now, but you’ll get through it!

Yeah I remember '98. My brother had an apartment in lower Westmount on the hospital’s power grid so I had a place to go and warm up and shower. Lots of people weren’t so lucky.

Sounds bad in TO but not as bad as that ;) Still I hope they get their power back soon, sub-zero weather with no power sucks.

Dude, it’s Canada. You’ll be fine.

Seriously, though, that sounds like a terrible situation, Doc Del. Keep warm and keep us posted. Alternatively, just come down to LA and crash on my couch until Canada gets its act together.


Sorry to hear about your power situation; I’ve been in a similar fix and it’s pretty horrible - doubly so to happen over Christmas. Hope they get the juice turned back on.

Yeah I was going to make a crack joke but that really sucks. Keep warm man.

There seems to have been a lot of natural disasters lately in Toronto. Is God testing Rob Ford? Or is God punishing the people of Toronto for electing false (and crazy) idols?

No change.

Ppl are frustrated.

Feelbadly for the old… and people who need dialysis but cant leave their dark house.

Haven’t seen a cop all week

I get the frustration but this stuff happens even in big cities all the time. I think most of us have been through it. When I lived in Seattle I had to deal with two long power outages - one lasted about 36 hours for me but my brother was without for about two weeks in the same storm. Last winter we lost power for 72 hours and that was a house about a mile from a major substation.

I looked at the Toronto Sun website and it says about 72,000 people in the area are without power. The good news is thats a relatively small number and should be something they can get fixed in a few more days.

This happened in the Seattle area in 2008. I remember taking my family to the locker rooms at my work for showers. We were camped out in conference rooms watching movies with our kids and random colleagues also with kids. I met one of the VPs (now a top exec) in the hallway and he was just standing there with his arms folded across his chest smiling while my kids were junking out on the (free) hot chocolate machine and sodas. I was all like, ‘Ahhhh. I can explain,’ but he was all ‘forgetdaabout it.’ I eventually sent my wife and kids to live with a family that had electricity, but me and the dog camped out in my office. It was surreal. After a few days, we spent a week in Portland at a hotel.

I think the power was down for over a week here. Some folks longer.

Pro tip: the majority of the deaths were from carbon monoxide poisoning by people running portable propane heaters inside the house. So, uh. Try not to do that. Good luck!

Toronto Hydro tweeted Wednesday evening that power had been restored to 230,200 customers across the city. Approximately 69,800 customers remain without power.

That’s actually really solid work for getting power restored fairly quickly, especially considering that they’re doing it in cold weather and a snowstorm.

The nice thing is that storms like this clear out a lot of risky foliage and expose weaknesses in the network. You’ll weather the next storm much better.

It’ll definitely knock down the tree branches causing folks the most problems, for sure.

Ugh, hope it clears up soon, DrDel. I must admit that was all I was thinking about on Saturday on my way home as I stopped to fill up all my gas cans for my generator was that I hope we don’t lose power here in Michigan. We got some ice, but thankfully the power stayed on. We have natural gas supply from the power company for our furnace and water heater and normally city water stays running so all I need is my generator to power up my furnace blower and we are mostly okay during power outages.

The worst one I remember was the ice storm of 1985 when we lived just north of Detroit. We were out of power for 7 days that year out in Clarkston, which was out in the country sorta back then. Our house was all electrical everything and we went to live with my grandparents in Royal Oak for the week.

Are there really problems of looters running rampant, or is that just your fear?

It’s Toronto.

It’s just fear…;)

82% of the customers who lost power (which was about 40% of Toronto’s grid) have had it restored. 54,000 still without, which is significant, but hardly beyond the scope of law enforcement to handle “rampant looters”.

I will say this, though, having been through a few multi-day power outages myself: especially when the weather has turned on you, it’s easy to feel like all forces are conspiring against you. Last summer when it was 94 degrees outside at night and I was on night three without power, I was about at the end of my rope when miraculously, the lights (and A/C) came back on at 4 am.

There’s nothing harder than sleeping in the heat. The only cure I’ve ever found is to catch a good sunburn in the day, which isn’t exactly a healthy remedy.

Try getting one of these bad boys. Works much better than you might believe possible. It’s some sort of space-age material. Oddly it dries stiff as cardboard, but as soon as you get it wet it’s soft again.