I’ve noticed there are a few of us here.

Anybody up for a beer + gaming night? Or if we end up at a cafe, maybe a non-alcoholic-beverage + gaming night?

Details so far:

Amsterdam Brewery (around 600 King St. West.)

We’re still deciding on a place and time.

What with SARS, mad cow disease and the impending collapse of the power grid, that sounds like a suicide mission!

Suicide mission my ass.

I miss Toronto a lot. Best city I ever lived in.

Have one or two for me Jakub.


So you’re saying you don’t have the gumption, amigo?

Me too. I only lived in T.O. for a year and a half near Bloor & Christie, but it’s the best city I’ve ever lived in, ahead of New Orleans, Trumbull CT, St. Louis, Chicago, San Francisco and Orlando.

I’m up for it. I don’t actually live in Toronto, but I live just outside the GTA in Richmond Hill. I have a car though, and there’s always the TTC.

Actually, I’ll be downtown ever weekday starting in a few weeks, I attend Ryerson for part-time night-classes.

SARS is gone, Mad cow ban has been lifted (though McDonalds giving Canadians free burgers scares me) and the power grid did crash once since the blackout.

Plus Toronto has topless women walking around.

Topless women?

You mean fat old men?

Toronto is still the place to be. Im just getting ready to start at Ryerson… so its all good. A night of gaming sounds great. :D

I live in Toronto too!

Love to get together sometime with topless women…

I thought you were still in Edmonton. Why go east, there isn’t much of a gaming scene in Ontario is there?

I live in downtown TO.

I’m in Toronto. As per my Qt3 participation, I would only look at you guys through the window, off and on, and occasionally run in to drop a joke that no one gets.

“Hi, I’m with the Qt3 Toronto gaming group, party of 10 I think.”

I think we should have a code word.

I live in Toronto. But don’t hold that against me.

Nah man, when I went to the BioWare office I was just visiting town.

Why East? I needed a change of scenery, I guess. It’s not like I came for the Endless Government Service Lines and Overly High Taxes (not to mention PST.)

So, unless someone is actually willing to let a horde of drunken computer geeks run rampant across their home, we need to decide on a place to meet. Preferably near some sort of computer cafe. I live in Mississauga, and I have no idea what sorts of geek recreational activities there are downtwon.

Anyone care to shed light on the matter?

jeez! I had on idea there we so many Torontonian qt3 ans

with all these TOrontonians, we should get together and make a mod team or something… wouldnt it be sweet if more game dev groups came from TO?

  • waves hand *

Amsterdam Brewery, it’s around 600 King St. West.